Zoofenster Berlin

Zoofenster Berlin

Mäckler, Christoph

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  • 9783868593273
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 64
  • JOVIS Verlag
  • Jan 2014
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At around 119 meters, Zoofenster is one of the tallest buildings in Berlin. However, it is not a typical skyscraper, but rather a complexly tiered structure that interacts with its urban surroundings on a number of levels. The complexity of the location and of its function within the city is also reflected in its layout. The ground floor, with its hotel, gastronomy, and storefront usages, is accessible to the public, extending street life into the building. Contrary to the original plans for a glass highrise building, Zoofenster was revetted with natural stone. The design is in the tradition of the proverbial "Stone Berlin" of prominent new buildings in recent years, which have created powerful contours and sculptural surfaces using natural stone and have given the city center, in particular, a distinctive character. The glass facade at the top of Zoofenster enhances the impact of the building from a distance, especially at night.