FIDIC Model Representative Agreement (The Purple Book) 2013

FIDIC Model Representative Agreement (The Purple Book) 2013


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  • 9782884320696
  • English
  • Paperback
  • May 2013
The terms of the Model Representative Agreement (‘The Purple Book’) have been prepared by the Fédération Intenationale des Ingénieur-Conseils (FIDIC) and are intended for Consultants wishing to enter into a contract with a Representative for the provision of Representative Services.

The version in English is considered by FIDIC as the official and authentic text for the purpose of translation.

Following the Agreement, the clauses of general application have been grouped together in this document and are referred to as General Conditions. They are intended for incorporation as printed in the documents comprising the Agreement.

The General Conditions are linked with data given in the Particular Conditions, identified by the corresponding numbering of the clauses, and Appendices, so that General Conditions and Particular Conditions (with Appendices) together comprise the conditions governing the rights and obligations of the Parties. Given as Appendices to the Particular Conditions are a Consultant’s Integrity Policy Statement and a reference to the Consultant’s Code of Conduct. If appropriate, the FIDIC model Code of Ethics (given in the Annex to Appendix 4) can be used without modification, to serve as the Consultant’s Code of Conduct.

Notes for Guidance are provided with this publication, to provide commentary and background information for the information and guidance of the user. However, the Notes for Guidance do not form part of the Agreement, and should not be included in any formal Agreement that is based on the Model Representative Agreement.

Specific mention is made of FIDIC’s Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement, 4th Ed 2006, Joint Venture Agreement, 1st Ed 1992, and Sub-Consultancy Agreement, 1st Ed 1992 which, together with this Model Representative Agreement, form FIDIC’s collection of agreements for consulting services.