JCT Framework Agreement

JCT Framework Agreement

Joint Contract Tribunal

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  • 9780414058026
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  • Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
  • Jan 1999
JCT’s Framework Agreement is designed for use by employers who procure work on a regular basis and want to capture the benefits of long-term relationships within the supply chain. It is often also suitable for use where a partnering or collaborative approach is desired on a project that might be more representative of another procurement method.

It can be used for the procurement of works over a period of time.
It can be used not only between employers and their contractors/suppliers, but also by contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers who are sub-letting to others in the supply chain.
It can be used with most standard forms of construction contracts, engineering contracts, or sub-contracts.
It can be used where compliance with the public procurement rules is required.
It can be used just on a single project, where engendering a collaborative approach is desired.