JCT: Intermediate Building Contract 2016 (IC)

JCT: Intermediate Building Contract 2016 (IC)

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  • ISBN
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  • 9780414054745
  • Paperback
  • English
  • Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
  • Jan 1999
The employer must provide drawings and either bills of quantities, specification, or work schedules to specify the quantity and quality of work.
The price and payment structure of the contract is based on a lump sum with monthly interim payments.
It can be used where provisions are required to cover named specialists.
All sub-contractors are domestic and their performance is the responsibility of the contractor.
Provisions are included for collaborative working, sustainability, advance payment, bonds (advance payment, off-site materials) and collateral warranties.
Pre-Construction Services Agreement (General Contractor) (PCSA) and Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist) (PCSA/SP) can be used with this contract.
This contract can be used with the Framework Agreement (FA).
For use of both private and public sector projects.