JCT: Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist) 2016

JCT: Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist) 2016

Joint Contract Tribunal

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  • 9780414058170
  • Paperback
  • English
  • Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
  • Jan 1999
JCT’s Pre-Construction Services Agreement (Specialist) is designed for the appointment of a specialist to carry out pre-construction services for either the employer or the main contractor.

Suitable for substantial and complex projects, the agreement enables a specialist to be involved and give advice prior to the construction phase. The purchaser, assisted by the contractor and relevant specialists, is able to derive the greatest benefit from value engineering exercises at this stage.

The agreement can be used when the main JCT contract is one of the following:
Standard Building Contract
Design and Build Contract
Major Project Construction Contract
Management Building Contract
Intermediate Building Contract (with or without contractor’s design)
It can be used whether or not the specialist is going to be responsible for any design work.
It is suitable where the agreement is between the specialist and the employer, but where the benefit of the specialist’s tender may be assigned to the main contractor.
It is suitable for both private and public sector employers.
It is not suitable for use between the employer and main contractor