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An Introduction to Building Pathology - London

​Learn how to identify the causes of defects and deterioration in historic buildings

This seminar will show you how to identify the causes of defects and deterioration in historic buildings. With old buildings, it is important to understand how they work: this includes an appreciation of their development, construction, current condition, performance and use. A diagnostic approach helps you to identify the root cause of the problems, and this informs the approach for your conservation and refurbishment projects.

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What approach does a Conservation Architect take when starting the refurbishment of a Historic Building?

Having worked on Conservation projects at Roger Mears Architects (RMA) since 2007, Sarah Khan has a wealth of knowledge on diagnosing historic buildings. In this 2.5 hour seminar she will explain how the practice of structured, methodical building pathology is used to identify faults in historic buildings to inform refurbishment projects.

This seminar will give you a full introduction to an holistic approach of studying and understanding historic buildings.

Speaker: Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan is an Architect and accredited with the RIBA as a Conservation Architect who has been working on conservation projects at Roger Mears Architects (RMA) since 2007. Conservation is her passion; she is a member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), an associate member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) and a member of the RIBA conservation group. Sarah sits on the London Diocese, Chelmsford and St Albans Diocese lists of Quinquennial Inspecting Architects, and the Church Architect for the Grade I listed St Leonards’ Shoreditch and St Giles-in-the-fields, London.

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2.5 hours – Detailed Knowledge

Context/Designing and Building It

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