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Appreciating the old, incorporating the new
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Appreciating the old, incorporating the new

Working within the historic built environment provides excellent opportunities for creative change. This seminar will address the process of successful adaptation and revitalisation of historic buildings and heritage sites, incorporating a mix of practical tuition, workshops and a review of successful examples.

Appreciating the old, incorporating the new

A recent survey by Historic England revealed that 99.3% of people in England live less than a mile from a listed heritage asset, while the Heritage Lottery Fund reports that 80% of people think local heritage makes their area a better place to live, showing both a proliferation of and appreciation for heritage sites and historic buildings.

Such sites represent an opportunity for creative design and inventive practical solutions for change, made more successful through a process of understanding the development and significance of these places and identifying potential challenges.

This seminar will include:

  • Assessing the significance of places
  • Heritage legislation and planning
  • Adapting historic buildings for new uses
  • Extensions and new builds within heritage context
  • Practical solutions to issues such as M&E, accessibility and sustainability

The first session will look at how understanding historic development and significance of built fabric and setting can inform change, leading to a discussion on what practical solutions can contribute to successful design.

This is followed by a workshop session, focusing on understanding the application of this process, asking you to break into groups and looking at a practical example, providing the baseline understanding of a site and asking for suggestions on sensitive but creative change. The results will be shared and discussed. The final session will conclude by showing good examples of successful projects within a heritage context.


Alexander Holton, Purcell
An associate at Purcell, Alex joined the company in 2011 as a heritage consultant with specialisms in stone conservation and buildings archaeology, having gained his PhD from the University of York. He is a qualified building surveyor and listed property consultant.

Alex applies a methodology of understanding the value of places with the practical delivery of conservation and repair. He is especially adept at recognising, managing and reconciling the dialogue between the historic value and significance of building fabric and the practical realities of decay, conservation and enhancement.

Seminar fees

  • RIBA/CIAT members £65 + VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £92 + VAT
  • RIBA student members £15 + VAT

Other booking options

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Core Curriculum topics

1. Building conservation and heritage
2. Architecture for social purpose
3. Inclusive environments

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