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Architecture Drawing Day
​Paul Cochrane

Architecture Drawing Day

​It’s a day all about drawing, with workshops and challenges exploring different techniques, styles and practices.

Join us for our annual celebration of architecture through drawing, with workshops and activities exploring different techniques, styles and practices. Whether you are a skilled draughtsman or a complete novice, there’s something for families, young people and adults alike!

You can also join us after dark for a special Architecture Drawing Day event with Starkers who will be running a Life Drawing Event exploring Georgian domestic traditions that persist today. Book now to avoid disappointment.

All activities below are free and first come first served. All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Architectural Artistry
11am to 4pm. Drop in

For families, young people and adults

Join artist Katie Kennedy to draw your favourite building and create a Pablo Bronstein-inspired, Georgian-style portrait for our evolving exhibition. @katiekendesign

Building Block Boogie
11am to 4pm. Drop in.

Ideal for families

Create a digital skyline with musical blocks to create a singing city scape.

Big (small) Draw
11am to 4pm. Drop in.

For families, young people and adults.

Help George Saumarez Smith (ADAM Architecture) piece together a large-scale deconstructed drawing. Choose your media and pick a square (or two!) to reproduce in this large participatory piece. Be inspired by Measure Draw Build, Saumarez Smith's exhibition celebrating architectural drawing and traditional craft, in the Practice Space on the second floor. @ADAMarchitectur

Explore Décor
11:15am to 12:30pm and 2:15 to 3pm. First come, first served (20 max)

Ideal for families

In this special tour for families, we’re on the lookout for lions, elephants and flightless birds. There will be a series of challenges throughout, including quick sketches and rubbings of some of the weird and wonderful ornamentation we find.

Let’s Take to the Streets
12:45 to 1:30pm and 3.15 to 4pm. First come, first served (15 max)

For families, young people and adults

Get outside (weather permitting) and explore our neighbourhood on a drawing tour with paper and pencil. Join artist Wilson Yau and go on a search for architecture that is old, new and surprising. @MrWilsonYau

The Skyline of London: Dress Up!
2 to 4pm, on the hour and half hour. First come, first served

For families, young people and adults

Join Mobile Studio Architects for a series of quick-fire live drawing workshops. Each session lasts 30 minutes. Working in pairs, one of you will dress up in architectural clothing and pose for your partner to draw. After 15 minutes, you will swap over and draw your posing partner instead. @theMobileStudio

Ready, Set, SKETCH!

1 to 3pm, on the hour and half hour. First come, first served (15 max)

Ideal for young people and adults

Speed sketching from towers to towel rails. Join Cousins & Cousins as they explore and illustrate 66 Portland Place. In each 20 minute workshop, we will occupy a new space to sketch a series of quick studies, starting with a space and finishing with a detail. By focusing down, we’ll uncover complexities and peculiarities as we rapidly document our journey. @CousinsArch

Next Stop: the Drawing Room
2 to 4pm, drop in

For families, young people and adults

Drinking tea, playing music, catching up on correspondence: in this family-friendly life-drawing session, we take a fond look at Georgian traditions that define British domesticity today. Inspired by artist Pablo Bronstein's response to Neo-Georgian architecture, the event will be brought to life by Figuration clothed models Dominic Blake and Roy Joseph Butler with tutor and host Leo Crane. @wearestarkers

Be part of Architecture Drawing Day wherever you are. Stop, sketch and share on Twitter with #ArchitectureDrawingDay.