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Beyond Borders: Architecture Open at RIBA North
​Doing Bits

Beyond Borders: Architecture Open at RIBA North

This Summer, for the first time, Beyond Borders extends to RIBA North where you can explore the interactive 1:1 installation by Doing Bits Studio in the City Gallery.

Humanity is Unity by Doing Bits Studio is an interactive installation, developed with local asylum seekers and refugees as a symbol of inclusivity and social integration.

Visitors to the installation are invited to select a flexible band and weave it (and metaphorically weave themselves) into the frame. As more bands are woven into the frame and more encounters between visitors and their bands are created, an evolving symbol of acceptance, integration and unity is gradually formed.

Following the installation's time at RIBA North, the structure will be unwoven and the material utilised to run a series of craft activities for asylum seekers and refugees.

A further three 1:1 installations are also on view at 66 Portland Place - the RIBA headquarters in London - as part of Beyond Borders this year.

Architecture Open is sponsored by Cosentino