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Briefing and evaluation: how to give clients what they want by learning from projects
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Briefing and evaluation: how to give clients what they want by learning from projects

​This seminar will explain how better briefing, delivery and evaluation can help give clients what they want, and how you can learn from projects after handover.

This seminar will show how briefing, design and procurement influence building performance and the common pitfalls to avoid. It will explain how to better influence project outcomes and client satisfaction, and how you can learn from projects after handover.

Presenting evidence of the ‘performance gap’ showing many buildings don’t meet their intended design expectations and the main causes, this seminar will explain how good briefing and stakeholder engagement can help give better outcomes, as well as the key roles that method of procurement and project implementation strategy play.

Subject matter includes:

  • Context and background: brief description of UK government construction objectives, feedback from performance gap studies and lessons learnt from post occupancy reviews
  • Performance regulations: having an eye on which regulations set at EU level might change
  • Better briefing and setting performance targets: the importance of adequate briefing to understand client objectives, expectations for comfort and building performance.
  • What do we know about the factors that influence occupancy satisfaction? Evidence from research on building performance assessments and the implications for design and construction. Consulting with project stakeholders including end-users and maintenance issues
  • How the focus on outcomes will affect procurement and delivery: overview of soft landings and aftercare. Importance of construction management, testing and commissioning.
  • Understanding how user behaviour affects outcomes: how we can ensure that users can get the best use of their buildings
  • Avoiding pitfalls: knowing the common strategic issues in design and construction that can jeopardise successful outcomes
  • Post occupancy evaluation: interviews, surveys and monitoring
  • Case studies: practical examples and lessons learnt
  • Interactive session: reviewing objectives and measuring outcomes

Speaker: Richard Harper, Hoare Lea
Richard Harper has been developing sustainability strategies and building performance objectives for over 12 years, with particular experience in education, existing buildings and residential sectors. He is a licensed BREEAM Assessor and BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP). Richard has been involved in award winning project developments including the first zero carbon in-operation primary school. He has provided training on various aspects of environmental sustainability in further and higher education. Current projects include the appointment as the Soft Landings champion for a new academic building at the University of West England and managing the energy performance modelling and evaluation strategy.

Core Curriculum topics
1. Designing and building it
2. Climate

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