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Cost-effective sustainable design solutions

We need low energy for every project, not just the green exemplars. This seminar will give you the knowledge to assess cost and energy implications of your design decisions, so performance can be imbedded, rather than bolted-on.

The big wins: deliverable and cost-effective sustainable design solutions

In a changing world, where the ethical function of architecture is in a state of flux, is it possible for the architecture we create to contribute to sustainable development that is not only good for the planet but is also affordable? The answer lies in a design where cost and sustainability are integral from the outset. Throughout the early stages in the design process, big decisions are made that will affect both the cost and the sustainability of the building and yet, at this time, there is little input from cost or energy consultants. So, you, as the architect, need to take the lead.

This seminar will give you the knowledge to make these decisions with an understanding of the implications on energy and cost; this is the true process of value engineering as opposed to cost cutting.

Whilst there will be examples of real projects of every size, the seminar will focus on strategies for assessing cost and sustainability so that you can find your own solutions. At the core of this is an understanding that design is an iterative process: we do, we reflect and then optimise and do again. This seminar will investigate what practices need to put in place to get the most out of design evolution.

You will come away with tools, techniques and mindset to apply to every project you are involved with, irrespective of size or sustainability, design and budget aspirations. A wholly interactive seminar, it will provide you with multiple design exercises to challenge, bring a deeper understanding and to learn from other participants.


Sally Godber, WARM
Sally Godber founded WARM with her father Peter Warm in 2009. Sally has vast experience in the design and construction of low energy buildings and specialises in large residential and commercial buildings. As well as consulting on design projects, WARM are the most prolific Passivhaus certifiers in the UK, provide building services design for low energy buildings, undertake post occupancy analysis and most importantly teach. Having undertaken low energy building projects, including a Passivhaus certified home in 2017 and EnerPHit office in 2013, Sally really understands the fragile balance of budget, design and sustainability.

Core Curriculum topics

  1. Sustainable architecture
  2. Design, construction and technology
  3. Business, clients and services

Seminar fees

  • RIBA/CIAT members £46 + VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £92 + VAT
  • RIBA student members £15 + VAT

How to book

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