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Delivering the new urban agenda through competitions
​Allies and Morrison led the multi-disciplinary team which won the RIBA competition for the Al-Irfan urban development masterplan project in Oman. ©Allies and Morrison LLP

Delivering the new urban agenda through competitions

​This four-day exhibition, held in the RIBA’s HQ building in London, will showcase shortlisted and winning entries from previous RIBA competitions.

We all know good design is valuable, bringing immediate and lasting benefits, whether improving people’s lives, raising profile or generating income. A design competition can be a highly successful procurement model as it can help prioritise good design and bring the highest quality of thinking to a project.

This exhibition will evidence the role of best practice competitions in uncovering the kinds of fresh, disruptive ideas needed to meet the world’s most important urban challenges. In particular, it will reflect on three critical themes emerging from the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda for delivering sustainable urban development:

1. A sense of belonging: architects’ agency in creating a cohesive society

2. Safe, affordable and sustainable housing: how architects can influence client choices

3. Protecting the cultural heritage: deploying architects’ design vision to unlock economic and community value for clients

Well-managed competitions have a reputation for giving the best range of design options to choose from at a fraction of the total construction cost of a scheme. The RIBA is the UK’s most widely recognised provider of competition services with the expertise and experience to support the process from initial client idea through to project commission.

For further information about RIBA Competitions contact +44 (0)113 203 1490