Design Day: Move Me, a two-day creative architecture workshop for children aged 11 to 15

This Easter holiday, join our creative workshop themed around architecture and art for ages 11 to 15 years; participants will investigate the different reasons people migrate and explore the integral role of architecture in migration.

About the Workshop

What makes people move from one place to live in another? What roles does architecture play in the movement of people? How can architecture sustain and promote diversity? Is it possible for structures be disassembled and reassembled in different forms? Let’s find out.

Participants in this two-day workshop will investigate the different reasons people migrate. They will explore the integral role of architecture in migration, to consider how diversity is recognised and valued within the built environment. Looking at the different ways that existing structures can be adapted to suit growing communities with complex needs, they will design and build portable, temporary and multi-purpose structures which can suit the needs of mobile, expanding and diverse societies.

his creative architecture workshop is led by artist and educator Zoe Allen for children aged 11 to 15.

All workshops require you to drop off your child by 11am and pick up at 4pm. They are led by professional educators and all materials are included in the ticket price, but you should prepare a packed lunch for your child. Online booking in advance is essential.

About the Workshop Series

Our Design Day workshops take architectural design and understanding a step further. Past workshops have focused on different architectural styles, construction methods, using model-making, traditional and digital drawing techniques, and using games such as Minecraft to design collaboratively in a shared space.

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