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Designing for a changing population
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Designing for a changing population

The demographic landscape of our cities, towns and villages is changing fast but how do architects respond to the challenge? How do you go about creating more inclusive spaces? This seminar will explore the impacts of the changing population, ‘impairments’ associated with ageing and how this influences the design of buildings and environments.

Designing for a changing population

Britain has entered the age of the aged! As the baby boomer generation enter retirement, we also reach a dramatic demographic turning point: 2017 has seen the ratio of non-workers to workers start to rise for the first time since the early 1980s.

This seminar will explore these new challenges and how you can ‘enable’ building users through inclusive design. By attending this seminar you will also consider how you can design inclusively, including in more challenging listed buildings, and which guidance can assist with this aim.

This interactive seminar will cover:

  • Changing population: context and background
  • Different users and their needs relating to design
  • Inclusive design: design principles including links to sustainability and heritage
  • Good practice and considerations: case studies
  • Key access issues, barriers and solutions in accessible design
  • How to measure success? Requirements of legislation versus standards versus good practice guidance

This participative seminar, comprising an interactive presentation including videos, case studies and photographs, will provide you with opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.


Caroline Lewis, Access Design Solutions UK
Caroline is Director of Access Design Solutions UK providing inclusive design advice within built, pedestrian and transport environments. After her post-graduate diploma in town planning, she began work as an access consultant in 1999.

She is a member of the National Register of Access Consultants and a built environment expert at the Design Council. Having worked both in the UK and Australia, she is recognised for her provision of high-level consultancy and training services backed by policy and research expertise. Caroline is an accomplished trainer having undertaken courses and seminars on a wide-range of access issues to varied audiences.

Carol Thomas, Access Design Solutions UK
Carol began her career as a town planner before specialising in access and inclusion. She is a leader in the development of access standards at national and international levels, and is currently appointed to the project team writing a new European Standard on Accessibility.

A member of the National Register of Access Consultants, Carol brings extensive experience into her consultancy and training with the ultimate aim of easing the design and development process for her clients. Carol has proven credibility within the disability sector having worked with major disability organisations before setting up Access Design Solutions UK.

Seminar fees

  • RIBA/CIAT members £65 + VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £92 + VAT
  • RIBA student members £15 + VAT

Other booking options

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Core Curriculum topics

1. Inclusive environments
2. Building conservation and heritage
3. Design, construction and technology

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