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Inclusive design: going beyond regulatory accessibility standards
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Inclusive design: going beyond regulatory accessibility standards

​We will look at inclusive design principles and raise awareness of disabilities and medical conditions which impact on everyday interaction with the built environment.

In an increasingly competitive environment, there is more need than ever for inclusive design and conservation skills. This seminar combines inclusive design principles, with raising awareness of a range of disabilities and medical conditions, which impact on everyday interaction with the built environment.

These principles are applicable across all building types, regardless of size and function, from the grandest hotel or heritage building, to general purpose offices, to the smallest community centre or shop.

The opportunities to improve or compromise accessibility occur at key points over the life of a building, during which both user needs and expectations will change. You will look at the journey of inclusive design and management, from concept and planning, throughout construction, regulation and final occupation, during which architectural advice and guidance may often be sought. This seminar will also explore legislation such as the Equality Act, and the role of Planning and Policy, Building Regulations and Standards, as well as key areas of inclusive design such as the spatial, visual and environmental implications of a building on accessibility.

The seminar will give updates on recent research and developments, such as changes proposed to existing BS8300 Code of Practice, and the progress of recommendations in fields such as designing for dementia and neuro diversity, and the use of technology to enhance access to buildings and services.

The seminar will compare the new English housing standards with other standards such as Lifetime Homes, which are applicable in Wales. It will explore how the standards are applied and enforced via a combination of planning and building control process, alongside important factors every designer should know when applying them.

Speaker: Chris Harrowell
Chris is an experienced architect and inclusive design consultant, with over 27 years’ experience in the public, commercial, voluntary and defence sectors. He is an accredited access consultant with the National Register of Access Consultants.Chris has wide experience in delivering access consultancy support to clients and design teams on a wide range of new build and refurbishment projects in arts, healthcare, education, housing, external environment and transport. Chris is an active member of the Access Association and the Inclusive Hotels Design Group, a Civic Trust Awards Inclusive Design Assessor and a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Core Curriculum topics
1. Access for all
2. Compliance

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