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Inspirational event - Women in Architecture
Jane Jacobs as chairperson of a Greenwich Village civic group at a 1961 press conference
Talks and lectures

Inspirational Event - Women In Architecture

To celebrate International Women’s Day we would like to invite you a collection of talks by successful female architects and an exclusive screening of the critical acclaimed Citizen Jane, Battle for the City.

You're invited to an inspirational event encouraging women who work in architecture or want to work in the industry to share insights and ideas.

The evening begins with an early screening of film 'Citizen Jane, Battle for the City', a documentary about Jane Jacobs who was a New York journalist and activist in 60's and her fight to stop “master builder” Robert Moses from making dramatic changes to the fabric of the city.

The evening is followed by talks from Yuli Cadney-Toh (BDP), Una Breathnach-Hifearnain (Purcell), and Alice Hardy (Jan Kattein), who will tell us why they choose architecture as a profession and talk through one of their favourite projects.

Screening starts at 4pm and talks at 6:30pm.