​Chloe Loader
Talks and lectures

Perspectives on Architecture: Emerging Cities

​Join us as Chloe Loader, winner of the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship 2017, discusses her research and experience.

The RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship offers £7,000 to a student of architecture who demonstrates the potential for outstanding achievement and original thinking on issues that relate to the survival of cities and towns.

In this presentation, Chloe Loader, winner of the 2017 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, will be talking about her incredible experience. This opportunity took Chloe to cities in Brazil, India and Indonesia to study informal settlements due to rapid urbanisation.

Within this, she looked into the projects and schemes which aim to reduce the level of poverty and benefit people in need. One particular aspect for research was the rapid transit bus system and master planning in Curitiba, Brazil. Could this theory be adapted and used in other developing countries? Does mobility increase access to jobs and education?

At the opposite scale, Chloe also had the chance to work with NGO's which target poverty at a local scale. This included projects such as maternal education and teaching vulnerable children English to improve their career opportunities.