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RIBA South Great British Buildings talks and tours: BA i360
​Kevin Meredith

RIBA South Great British Buildings talks and tours BA i360

Join the architects for a one off architectural talk as they reveal the stories behind the building, that inspired them and what makes their building an RIBA Award winner.

'There seems to be an innate desire to view the earth and its cities from exceedingly high places.'

British Airways i360 (BA i360) is the world’s tallest moving observation tower: a 162m tall vertical tower with a fully enclosed futuristic glass observation pod that lifts 200 passengers to a height of 138m, offering panoramic 360-degree views. BA i360 is a modern-day ‘vertical pier’, inviting visitors to ‘walk on air’ and gain a new perspective on the city.

The steel tower is the world’s most slender tower, with a height-towidth ratio of more than 40:1. The innovative construction methodology using a novel topdown “jack-up” method of building the tower enabled the tower to be erected in 10 weeks.

The project has created over 150 new jobs and acted as a catalyst for regeneration for the west seafront area. Eleven years in the making from design to reality, BA i360 is the brainchild of architect-entrepreneurs David Marks and Julia Barfield of Marks Barfield Architects.