Making the case for an RIBA Client Adviser

The case for an RIBA Client Adviser is simple: it pays to have an independent expert on your side.




Without proper control, construction projects can easily unravel, with costly consequences. An RIBA Client Adviser will ensure that you, the client, stay in the driving seat by overseeing not just the procurement process but also its product.

  • Advice from an RIBA Client Adviser is a sound investment. A RIBA Client Adviser challenges the brief until it reflects precisely what you, the client, require, so that the project delivers long-term value to you. The emphasis will be on achieving the quality of design appropriate to your needs and anticipating the future demands on and of the building.

  • An RIBA Client Adviser is not just 'one more consultant' to add to the others on your project. An RIBA Client Adviser will act as a lynchpin for the whole process, and help you to take control of the project, continuously monitoring and evaluating designs as they progress and making sure that you get the very best value from the final product.

  • While other construction and real estate professionals on your project will be focused on their own specialisms, your RIBA Client Adviser will provide you with the full picture: an all-embracing, lateral view of events that will allow you to make balanced, informed decisions in your best interests.

  • RIBA Client Adviser advice will be premised on your long-term, strategic objectives, and focused on identifying the best solution for your organisation, the users of the building and other stakeholders.

  • By using an RIBA Client Adviser, the client’s interests are assured as the RIBA Client Adviser cannot at a later date be commissioned as the project architect.

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