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RIBA Inclusion Footprints

We all have a role to play in dismantling the discriminatory barriers that are preventing talented people from studying, practising or even appreciating architecture.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is focused on not just changing the profile of the profession; it’s looking at how we can value and leverage our differences, while working together to create a better, more competitive advantage for our members.

The actions you take not just today but throughout the months and years to come will have a lasting impact on both your own career and those around you.

We have set out a list of Inclusion Footprints: steps you can take to drive change.

If each RIBA member took just three steps today, that would be 135,000 Inclusion Footprints: vital steps to make an impact.

RIBA Inclusion Footprints

Find a mentor, or mentor someone different from you

Take some time to share and support someone else professionally, or to find someone who can coach and push you.

Career development

Gain visibility, create opportunity for underrepresented groups. To support this, our Talent Showcase section of the RIBA Jobs Board will be launched soon.

Attend a diversity and inclusion event

Understand people’s lived experiences, address barriers, post about it to share knowledge.

Attend diversity and inclusion training

Learn, develop, share or get involved in helping to shape inclusion events.

Support colleagues experiencing big life changes

Understand the barriers people face e.g. new parent or acquiring a disability. Support their transition and share good practice with others.

These are just suggestions. We welcome you to think of your own Inclusion Footprint to commit to – anything that helps make inclusion a reality in your area of control. Let us know what steps you’re taking by sharing via #RIBAInclusionChampion or – we’d love to share your stories.

If you want to commit further to creating an inclusive profession, sign our Inclusion Charter.

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