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RIBA Pension Solution

RIBA Pension Solution

The RIBA has partnered with Smart Pension to create a market-leading auto enrolment pension solution tailored for architects' practices and their employees.

The RIBA Pension Solution is only available via the RIBA. You must apply directly to the RIBA Pension Team to be able to access the specially negotiated RIBA Pension Solution rates.

The RIBA Pension Solution is open to all types of UK employers, including sole traders, limited companies and partnerships, regardless of their size, number of employees or location. RIBA members can join the scheme at any time and we are happy to help them switch their scheme from other pension providers.

Working with Smart Pension means that we can offer a simple-to-use workplace pension solution that leads the market on key criteria including investment performance, cost, quality of service and ease of management. It also means that members can get on with running their business, safe in the knowledge that they're compliant with all workplace pension rules and regulation.

The RIBA Pension Solution's default investment fund provides a broad-based investment portfolio and looks to invest in companies that recognise the importance of a sustainable and responsible approach. Members of the scheme can also choose from a range of alternative funds to meet their individual investment preferences and ambitions.

About Smart Pension

Smart Pension is one of the country's largest workplace pension providers, running an award-winning UK master trust scheme that is fully regulated by The Pensions Regulator. Investments are overseen by independent trustees whose job is to put members' best interests first, while a tech-first approach makes administration and saving simple, seamless and hassle-free for both employers and employees.

The RIBA Pension Solution in partnership with Smart Pension is designed to meet the needs of all RIBA Members. Applications are to be made directly to the RIBA Pension Team.

You'll find it:

  • Accessible. It's open to businesses of every size and their employees
  • Streamlined. Administration is simple, with easy online access and management for scheme members and employers alike
  • Flexible. Scheme members can choose to remain in the default fund or select from 16 alternative funds including Shariah funds
  • Fair and transparent on pricing. With some of the lowest charges in the UK pension marketplace
  • Safe and secure. The scheme is overseen by a fully independent trustee board and regulated by The Pensions Regulator
  • Portable. Scheme members can take their pension with them if they move to a new job. They can also transfer their funds to another pension without incurring any penalties.
  • Ethical. The scheme's default investment fund has an environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment strategy and looks to invest in companies that recognise the importance of a sustainable and responsible approach

Employer and member support is available from both a dedicated team at RIBA and the experts at Smart Pension, by phone, email, web chat and video tutorials. You can find further details for employers and employees below.

Smart Pension has been awarded Technology Firm of the Year at the 2022 Pensions Age Awards.

Read useful information in the RIBA Pension solution article Pensions Made Easy.

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