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​RIBA Council

The RIBA Council, elected by the RIBA’s members, acts as the representative body for the membership. Composed of around 45 members and chaired by the President, it meets four times annually and is responsible for collecting insight from the architects’ profession, to guide the strategic direction of the organisation. RIBA Council oversees the RIBA’s new Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are Council members, including the RIBA President.

An informal account of the discussions and decisions most recently taken at Council can be read in the Council Courier.

RIBA Council Members 2021 to 22

President: Simon Allford

  • Victoria Adegoke (Student)
  • David Adjei (London)
  • Sarah Akigbogun (London)
  • Maryam Al-Irhayim (Student)
  • Alice Asafu-Adjaye (Middle East and Africa)
  • Jo Bacon (National)
  • Julian Baker (North West)
  • Duncan Baker-Brown (South East)
  • Mark Benzie (South)
  • Graham Boyce (Yorkshire)
  • Yuli Cadney-Toh (Wessex)
  • Tim Clark (Europe)
  • Angela Dapper (London)
  • Catherine Davis (Americas)
  • Graham Devine (South West)
  • Jennifer Dixon (National)
  • Graeme Dodd (North East)
  • Stephen Drew (Associate)
  • Tom Foggin (VP Membership)
  • Christina Gaiger (RIAS President)
  • Simone de Gale (National)
  • Jonathan Greenfield (East)
  • Alan Jones (Immediate past president)
  • Chithra Marsh (North West)
  • Paul McAlister (RSUA President)
  • Joan McCoy (RSUA)
  • Fraser Middleton (RIAS North)
  • Alfred Munkenbeck (National)
  • Femi Oresanya (London)
  • Jack Pringle (London)
  • Kerr Robertson (RIAS South)
  • Mark Shipton (South)
  • Roger Shrimplin (East)
  • Sumita Singha (National)
  • Smith Mordak (National)
  • Danka Stefan (South East)
  • Ryan Stuckey (RSAW)
  • Gavin Traylor (RSAW President)
  • Philip Twiss (West Midlands)
  • Ken Wai (Asia and Australasia)
  • Anna Webster (London)
  • Vacant (East Midlands)

Read the Council member code of conduct

RIBA Council Committees

There are two standing committees which are committees of the RIBA Council. In addition, the Audit [& Risk] Committee, which is a Board Committee, also reports to Council.

Council may also set up additional committees and expert advisory groups (currently on pause).

Nominations Committee (standing committee – composition under review)

Committee of Council, reporting to Council and Board

  • Simon Allford (President)
  • Graham Devine (Honorary Secretary & Council member)
  • Jason Lebidineuse (Chartered member)
  • Jack Pringle (Chair of Board & Council member)
  • MaryAnne Stevens (Board member)

Standards Committee (standing committee - composition under review)

Committee of Council

  • Tim Clark
  • Tzena James
  • Susan Lindsey
  • Barrie Neal (lay member)
  • Jonathan Rees (lay Chair)
  • Roger Shrimplin (Vice Chair)
  • Ian Standen
  • Elizabeth Thornhill (lay member)

RIBA Standards Committee Annual Report

Nations & Regions Committee (new committee – to focus on gathering insight from members at a local and global level to inform future RIBA strategy)

Committee of Council

  • All Regional Chairs, England
    • David Patterson, Regional Chair, London
    • Jerene Irwin, Regional Chair, East
    • Jonathan Fox, Regional Chair, South-East
    • Mark Shipton, Regional Chair & Council Member, South
    • Nils Feldmann, Regional Co-Chair, East Midlands
    • Philip Twiss, Regional Chair & Council Member, West Midlands
    • Richard Wooldridge, Regional Chair, North-West
    • Dan Brown, Regional Chair, Yorkshire
    • Sarah Lee, Regional Chair, South-West
    • Tom Bell, Regional Chair, Wessex
    • Will Mawson, Regional Chair, North-East
  • RSAW President (or nominee from the RSAW Council) - Gavin Traylor, RSAW President
  • RSUA President (or nominee from the RSUA Council who is also a RIBA member) - Paul McAlister, RSUA President
  • RIAS President (or nominee from RIAS Council who is also a RIBA member) - Christine Gaiger, RIAS President
  • All international Council Members elected from among and by the Chartered Members within the relevant International Region under regulation 7.2.(j)
    • Alice Asafu-Adaye, Council Member, Middle East & Africa
    • Catherine Davis, Council Member, Americas
    • Ken Wai, Council Member, Asia & Australasia
    • Tim Clark, Council Member, Europe
  • Vice President Membership
    • Tom Foggin

The Chair of the committee will be elected from the committee members by the committee members. The current Chair of the Committee is the Vice President Membership.

RIBA Council Task and Finish Groups

On 30 September 2021, the RIBA Council decided to create a number of Task and Finish Groups to support it in its role of giving strategic advice and guidance to the Board. To make the research/report cycle manageable, these Task and Finish Groups will have a specific brief from Council and will report back to Council after a period of around three months. They will then disband again until called upon for another task within their remit. These groups will each be coordinated by a Council member to assist with information flow back to Council. Further details can be found on our RIBA Task and Finish Groups page.

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