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RIBA Awards 2025: Jury application

Every year the RIBA calls for volunteers to help judge the RIBA Awards. Judges are integral to the rigorous and thorough process that culminates in the Stirling Prize, International Awards, and the Royal Gold Medal.

Judging building projects is a fascinating responsibility, celebrating and upholding the highest standards in architectural design.

It involves balancing the complexities faced by building projects with considerations of aesthetics, sustainability, conservation, and local context. This requires evaluating the client's brief and how creatively and intelligently it has been fulfilled within budget and planning constraints.

Judges work collectively, maintaining a clear vision of architectural excellence. While challenging, this role is immensely rewarding, offering opportunities for personal and professional development.

The New Library, Magdalene College by Níall McLaughlin Architects © Nick Kane (RIBA Stirling Prize 2022 winner)

Why apply?

Influence excellence

Play a crucial role in identifying and celebrating the highest standards in architectural design.

Professional growth

Gain a unique opportunity for personal and professional development.


Connect with leading architects and industry professionals in your region and across the UK.


See the latest architectural projects and innovations in your area and hear from the clients and architects behind them.

How to apply

Applications to judge our 2025 awards are open until 27 October 2024. Applications for our International Award Jury will open in May 2026. Please read the information below before completing the application form.

Hackney New Primary School and 333 Kingsland Road by Henley Halebrown © Nick Kane (Neave Brown Award for Housing 2022 winner)

Who can apply?

As well as our RIBA members there are several other roles that are key to the judging process. Each year we also seek established and emerging professionals with a range of experience, skills and backgrounds to take part. From conservation experts and academics to lay assessors and sustainability professionals there are lots of ways to be involved as a judge.

About the different juries, roles and eligibility.

Regional Jury

They typically consist of a Regional Jury Chair, Regional Representative, Lay Assessor and experts in sustainability and conservation. After an online briefing session in January 2025, they meet in their respective regions throughout January and February 2025 to discuss and shortlist projects based on the information submitted by award applicants.

Juries will then visit each of their shortlisted projects throughout February and March 2025. These visits are coordinated by the RIBA Awards Team and can involve several days traveling and possible overnight stays. Post-visits, the jury select their Regional Award and Regional Special Award winners and each region’s Jury Chair will present their recommendations to our Awards Group for consideration in April 2025.

Architect Jury Chair and Regional Representative:

  • UK-based architect in a RIBA Chartered Practice/organization.
  • Notable work, including peer-reviewed national or international architecture awards.
  • Won or placed highly in high-profile design competitions or equivalent achievements in the last 10 years.
  • Regional Representative will judge in their local area.
  • Jury Chair must lead the panel for up to seven days, including shortlisting meetings, visits, reporting, and making national award recommendations.
  • Jury Chair must submit citations for all winning projects in their region.

Lay Assessor

  • Not trained or qualified as an architect but has significantly contributed to architecture in a broad sense in their creative or technical field through promotion, administration, outreach, sustainable community building, or education of future generations.

Conservation expert

  • Architect specialising in conservation with extensive experience in historic buildings
  • Accredited by the RIBA Conservation Register and/ or the AABC register ,
  • And/ or leading a specialist conservation team or practice.
  • Must have received peer-reviewed awards for conservation and/or be part of the RIBA Conservation Group.

Sustainability expert

  • An architect, engineer, or designer specialising in sustainability in the built environment
  • Works in a practice committed to sustainability and have received peer-reviewed architecture or construction awards for sustainability.


  • An accomplished professional in architectural education with a distinguished career as a tutor, researcher, writer, or critic.
  • Significantly contributed to architectural education, engaged in higher education teaching, or effectively led teaching or administrative staff in a school of architecture.
  • Preference for RIBA Members or those affiliated with RIBA-validated Schools of Architecture.

To ensure there are more opportunities available, jury members from 2024 will not be considered for juries in 2025. However, they are able to reapply in 2026.

Hackney School of Food by Surman Weston © Jim Stephenson (Stephen Lawrence Prize 2022 winner)

Accessibility and Inclusion

RIBA is committed to ensuring accessibility and inclusion throughout the awards process. We welcome applications from a diverse range of candidates and strive to provide an inclusive environment for all participants. Should you require any adjustments during the application process or judging period, please contact the RIBA Awards team at to discuss any requirements.

The Red House by David Kohn Architects © Will Pryce (RIBA House of the Year 2022 winner)

The RIBA Awards Group

The RIBA Awards Group comprises RIBA Members, all leaders in their respective fields within the built environment. Meeting in April 2025, they will review the Regional Award winners and decide the projects for National Award consideration. Following another round of visits in May/June 2025, the Awards Group will meet again to decide the National Award winners.

International Jury

The International Jury includes local ambassadors and a Grand Jury. Local ambassadors, architects familiar with the project's region, will present their recommendations to the Grand Jury in an online meeting in May 2024. The Grand Jury will decide on RIBA International Awards for Excellence and shortlist candidates for the International Emerging Architect and International Prize. The Grand Jury will visit shortlisted projects in September 2024 and select the winner after all visits.

International Jury Roles


  • Must be part of an internationally recognised architecture organisation with significant work, including peer-reviewed international architecture awards, high-profile competition wins, or equivalent achievements in the last 10 years.

Lay Assessor:

  • Not trained or qualified as an architect but has significantly contributed to international architecture through promotion, administration, outreach, sustainable community building, or education.

For any questions, contact the RIBA Awards team at

Friendship Hospital, Satkhira by Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA © Asif Salman/Courtesy of URBANA (RIBA International Prize 2021 winner)
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