Gantries for National Highways

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Gantries for National Highways

National Highways is seeking concepts for the aesthetic enhancement of highway gantries through an open architectural design competition

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The look of England’s motorways has evolved in recent decades and now the search is on to redesign one of the network’s most iconic features – the gantry.

As motorways have developed over the decades, new types of gantry designs have been introduced in response to changes in technology, traffic levels and policy considerations. They have evolved from the humble beginnings of basic signs at the side of the road to the newest gantries spanning the carriageway, allowing both fixed text signs and dynamic information to keep drivers informed of real-time traffic information.

Millions of drivers see gantries every day as a routine part of their journeys – and probably don’t give them much thought. However, they are vital to providing safe and reliable journeys and giving drivers the information they need to reach their destinations.

It is being funded by National Highways’ designated fund for innovation & modernisation. Those capable and experienced in designing such structures and working alongside structural engineers are encouraged to apply.

The competition will not alter the technology that sits behind the physical gantries and any new designs will ultimately still have road safety at their core.

The submission deadline is 12:00 midday (GMT) on Tuesday 24 January 2023.

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