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Regent Street Windows 2018

Dylan Thomas
Competition | Past

​​Regent Street Windows 2018

The Regent Street RIBA Windows competition returned for its eighth year in 2017 and saw some of Regent Street’s leading retailers, partnered with emerging and established RIBA Chartered Architects to create a series of unique shop windows on Regent Street and Regent Street St James’s.

Invited Civic and Commercial

The pairings were chosen to bring the ethos, purpose and identities of the brands to life through creative visual installations in their windows. The 2018 pairings were:

7 For All Mankind – canalGRANDE

canalGRANDE was established in 2007 as an identity for a practice where the ethos and emphasis are placed on discovery.

Their installation was sensitive to light, the movement of people and the colour of their clothes. How each person chooses to dress told a story and this installation turned each story into a unique lighting display to engage with the public on a personal level .

Camper – Freehaus

Established in 2012, Freehaus comprises a multi-disciplinary team of architects and designers who work ethically and sustainably to ensure that its projects resonate with its users and have a positive effect on environments.

The inspiration for the design was Camper’s origin story, which started when the founder’s grandfather travelled from London to Mallorca with the island’s first sewing machine. Drawing on Mallorca’s light, sky, vegetation, terrain and sea, the design combined natural and artificial materials to reference a core sample of the island and celebrate the uniqueness behind Camper’s spirit .

Jo Malone London – Thomas-McBrien Architects in collaboration with Paper & Wood

Thomas-McBrien Architects is an emerging practice whose projects range from temporary installations and residential projects to new larger scale developments.

In collaboration with Paper & Wood, they designed and created a handmade paper window display in the theme of a secret garden. The project celebrated the quintessential British garden and offered a moment of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, aiming to capture and heighten the immersive experience offered.

L’Occitane – Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects

Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects is an architecture and design practice based in Soho, London.

The Golden Hour ‘As the day draws to a close, the sky is set alight, embracing all the shades of gold. This is the golden hour.’ Inspired by the magical Golden Hour of Provence, the installation explored the sensorial relationship between light and smell. Over 2000 Fresnel and Plano-Convex lenses were suspended in space to form a delicate veil that refracts and converges light whilst scent diffusers emit L’Occitane's fragrance 'Terre de Lumière' to create an immersive and interactive experience.

Lululemon – KSR

KSR is a highly creative design-led practice based in Camden Town, London.

Their installation celebrated lululemon’s ‘Sweatlife’ Festival through movement, colour and the human form. Dynamic contoured layers combined to create a bright and active sculpture which transformed as you pass by.

SMEG – Coffey Architects

Coffey Architects have a reputation for highly crafted projects that surprise and delight, while creatively adding value.

Creating intrigue and delight through threshold and repetition, Coffey Architects utilised the cast iron pan stand from Smeg’s newly launched Linea built-in collection to create an intricate patterned screen. The multiplication of this heavy and industrial component paradoxically creates a landscape that resembled a delicate weave, whilst showcasing Smeg's rich heritage.

Uniqlo – Red Deer

Red Deer is a London based practice with a European soul and an international outlook.

This installation celebrated the process behind the fabrication of linen which is a key material used in UNIQLO's SS collection. Each tube represented a different stage of the evolution from flax seed to fabric and clothing. Texture, surface, grain and quality highlight the tactility of each stage, whilst the colours, hues and tones were also praised

The winners of the 2018 Regent Street Windows was announced at an Awards Ceremony held at the RIBA in London as:

  • Best Collaboration Award Winner – SMEG with Coffey Architect
  • Best Collaboration Highly Commended – L’Occitane with Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects
  • Public Choice Award Winner – Jo Malone London with Thomas-McBrien Architects with Paper and Wood

“We are delighted to have won The People’s Choice award. Thomas McBrien and Paper & Wood truly have been exceptional partners and immediately understood and immersed themselves in our brand identity and whimsical style. Inspired by our ingredients the secret garden they created was a magical escape from the outside world, and each of the hundreds of thousands of pieces of hand folded paper was a true masterpiece. Our Jo Malone London customers have been overwhelmed by its beauty and the incredible attention to detail. If only we could keep it forever!” Cheryl Joannides, Vice President General Manager, Jo Malone London

“It is a fantastic honour to be recognised by the RIBA Regent Street judging panel for delivering the Best Collaboration Award. We really enjoyed working with Coffey Architects on this journey to deliver a striking architecturally-led window with real meaning in keeping with the design values, ethos and heritage of both Smeg and Coffey Architects. It has been well received by passers-by and customers coming into the store bringing it to life during the day and the ‘cast’ shadows at night.” John Davies, Head of Marketing, Smeg UK Ltd

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