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Taylor Wimpey

​Taylor Wimpey
Competition | Past

​Taylor Wimpey

Project 2020 involves exploring and evaluating trends, changes and new innovations in design, architecture, technology, materials and methodology with the aim of shaping, designing and future-proofing the design range for 2020 and beyond, fully reflecting customer lifestyles, needs and expectations.

Open Housing

The ’Infinite House’, a set of contemporary housing prototypes designed by Openstudio Architects, has won Taylor Wimpey’s Project 2020 Open Design competition.

By 2018, Taylor Wimpey wants to be in a position to build a range of housing prototypes that are distinctive, aspirational, innovative, pragmatic, cost-effective, land-effective, and capable of high-quality production with design appeal to its future customers.

Openstudio Architects’ Infinite House prototypes are designed to offer maximum flexibility, customisation and cost efficiency, and to maximise levels of natural light and the perception of space. The Infinite House’s external envelope allows it to adapt to suit different contexts without appearing to be a repeated house type, while still maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of prototyping and serial fabrication.

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