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RIBA Competitions
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The RIBA Competitions number is changing to 020 7307 5355 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) and the 0113 number will no longer be in service.

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The team

Joanne Wallis
Senior Competitions Manager

Joanne is a dynamic and highly competent Senior Competitions Manager with 25+ years' experience covering a wide range of project types and sectors. Joanne has an extensive track record of managing complex competitions and is highly skilled in managing multi-faceted client groups. She has been involved in some of the most high profile and interesting projects to be built through the competitions process in the UK.

Dr James Porter
Senior Competitions Manager

James is a highly capable professional with over 15 years' experience of managing competitions on behalf of the RIBA. James has managed a diverse and broad range of project types in different sectors. He has been involved in a number of high profile international competitions outside of the UK and has a thorough understanding of how the EU procurement process can dovetail seamlessly with the competitions system.

Julia Davies
Business Manager

Julia has worked for the RIBA for 25 years and has responsibility for the daily management of the business, financial control and the development of marketing strategies which includes communications and social media. Julia is responsible for ensuring the efficiency of business operations as well as setting strategic goals for the future.

Coraline Malatesta-Conort
Competitions Coordinator

Coraline is responsible for providing administrative and logistical support to RIBA Competitions to ensure competitions are managed efficiently. She handles the day to day operations, including liaison with entrants, answering queries, organising site visits and evaluation sessions, social media communications and supporting the Competition Managers as required.

Christopher Thorp
Graphic and Web Designer

Chris is an experienced Graphic & Web Designer who designs and creates bespoke competition documents and websites to meet client requirements. Chris is responsible for creative ideas and concepts and is highly skilled in his ability to interpret client briefs. He also produces online exhibition galleries including public consultation pages for both comments and voting.

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