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Core Publications

Core Publications

Industry standard publications

RIBA Professional Services Contracts

Specimen copies of the new RIBA Professional Services Contracts (PSCs) are now available to chartered members. The new PSCs can be used for the provision of built environment consultancy services across projects of every scale and complexity. The new 2018 suite of RIBA PSCs comprises:

Guide to the RIBA Professional Services Contracts

The new edition of this guide explains how to use and understand the RIBA PSCs. With guidance on how to choose, prepare and complete the right contract, it is an essential companion for anyone using these industry-standard forms. A digital version of the Guide is available to chartered members, free of charge:

Guide to the RIBA Professional Services Contract 2018

RIBA Building Contracts

Specimen copies of the 2018 RIBA Building Contracts are now available to chartered members. The new contracts are simple, clear and easy to use and understand contracts between a client and a contractor.


To accompany the new 2018 edition of the RIBA Building Contracts a suite of contract administration forms has been prepared and are available to chartered members to download and use:

  • Architect/Contract Administrator’s Instruction
  • Interim Payment Certificate
  • Practical Completion of Section
  • Notice of Revision of Time
  • Notification of Defects
  • Fixing Final Payment Certificate


The suite of JCT contract administration forms to accompany the 2016 edition of the JCT suite of contracts are available to chartered members to download and use, free of charge:

  • Architect/Contract Administrator’s Instruction (for SBC16/IC16/MW16)
  • Interim Certificate (for SBC16)
  • Interim Certificate (for ICC16)
  • Interim Certificate (for MW16)
  • Interim Payment Notice (for DB16)
  • Statement of Retention (for SBC16/DB16)
  • Statement of Reimbursement of Advance Payment (for SBC16/IC16/DB16)
  • Notice of Partial Possession by the Employer (for SBC16/IC16)
  • Notification of Adjustment of Completion Date (for SBC16/IC16/DB16/MW16)
  • Non-Completion Certificate (for SBC16/IC16/MW16)
  • Non-completion Notice (for DB16)
  • Practical Completion Certificate (for SBC16/IC16/MW16)
  • Practical Completion Statement (for DB16)
  • Section Completion Certificate (for SBC16/IC16)
  • Section Completion Statement (for DB16)
  • Certificate of Making Good (for SBC16/IC16/MW16)
  • Notice of Completion of Making Good (for DB16)
  • Final Certificate (for SBC16/IC16/MW16)
  • Employer's Final Statement (for DB16)
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