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RIBA Horizons 2034

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RIBA Horizons 2034

A foresight-gathering programme that highlights the most significant global trends of the near future – shaping society, the built environment, and the architectural profession

Scanning the horizon with Horizons 2034

Providing a ten-year view, the RIBA Horizons 2034 horizon-scanning programme imparts valuable foresight into significant developments that are emerging internationally.

Horizon scanning is used by policy makers and commercial companies alike to think about the future. It is a systematic process for identifying emerging trends, events and issues that may affect businesses, society, and individuals. Looking beyond the present, it helps organisations to anticipate what is coming down the tracks in a world where the pace of change is ever accelerating.

Horizons 2034 supports decision-makers in making more informed choices. It is not about predicting the future but instead about spotting upcoming sources of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

In the spring and early summer of 2024, RIBA is delivering a series of 16 horizon scans from expert contributors across the world. These scans are organised into four significant global themes that will have the greatest impact on what we build and how we live. Find out more about each theme below. The text scans are accompanied by a thought leadership programme on RIBA Academy and themed member events.

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Horizons 2034 themes

The below Horizons 2034 themes, launching in spring and summer 2024, will offer a series of written scans from expert contributors in their field. Each scan will explore the four significant global trends that will, in one way or another, directly affect the built environment, client needs, and the practice of architecture.

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The Environmental Challenge

Radical change is needed to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. This theme will explore how the built environment is accountable for almost half of all global emissions and how the design and construction industry has a pressing need to recognise its responsibility.

Explore The Environmental Challenge

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The Economics of the Built Environment

This theme asks: What are the global economic systems and forces that will continue to drive the development of the built environment? How will the way money is spent on new and existing buildings by the public and private sector impact on social equality and the life chances of individuals?

Explore The Economics of the Built Environment

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Population Change

A wide variation of demographic patterns is emerging internationally: with rapid growth continuing in some regions, ageing and contraction elsewhere, coupled with wide-scale movement. This theme asks: How can design professionals simultaneously respond to the level of change at the urban scale, while supporting social cohesion for diverse and intergenerational communities?

Launching 30 May 2024

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Technological Innovation

Machine learning has recalibrated the human relationship with technology. Moving beyond the existential threat of replacement, which artificial intelligence can pose, this theme explores the emergent technological tools and how can architects best take advantage of their innovative use.

Launching 27 June 2024

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