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RIBA Collections on tour

As well as featuring in our regular free exhibitions at 66 Portland Place and the V&A in London, the RIBA Collections are frequently loaned around the world, for major exhibitions at some of the best known museums. Here are some of the exhibitions where they're on display or coming soon.

16 October 2023

As well as featuring in our regular free exhibitions at 66 Portland Place and the V&A, the RIBA Collections are frequently loaned around the world, for major exhibitions at some of the best-known museums. Here are some of the current and forthcoming exhibitions.

To find out more about how to borrow works from our collections for an exhibition, please consult our how to borrow document (PDF). Our usual notice period is nine months.

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

Tropical Modernism: Architecture and Independence - Victoria & Albert Museum, London

From Saturday 2 March 2024

This exhibition traces how Tropical Modernism developed in the hot, humid conditions of West Africa in the 1940s. Our collections play a substantial role in the exhibition, with 26 works loaned from the RIBA Collections.

Erno Goldfinger: sketch of a family seated outside a small tent watching housing being built at 1-3 Willow Road, Hampstead, London (RIBA Collections)

Recent exhibitions:

Sam Scorer: A Life in 14 Buildings - Lincoln Museum, UK

28 October 2023 to 21 January 2024

Nine drawings from our collections were among those on display in Lincoln, where this exhibition celebrated a local architect of national significance.

For Evermore: cemeteries of the First World War - Flanders Field Museum, Ypres, Belgium

28 April 2023 to 18 February 2024

We loaned Charles Holden's draughtsman's table to this exhibition, which focused on Commonwealth, French, Belgian, German and American WWI cemeteries. Holden worked on a large number of cemeteries for the War Graves Commission, including the experimental war cemetery at Louvencourt.

Pioneers: John Ruskin, William Morris and the Bauhaus - Millenium Gallery, Sheffield, UK

19 October 2023 to 21 January 2024

This exhibition focused on the belief that design and making can improve everyday life. Among the works on display was a design drawing from our collections by Philip Webb, made for Clouds House in Wiltshire in 1884. Webb was one of William Morris' business partners and was instrumental in the birth of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Portraits of Practice: The Life and Work of M.J. Long - the Architectural Association, London, UK

13 October to 9 December 2023

This exhibition explored the work of the architect MJ Long as revealed through a doll’s house she made in the late 1970s for her young daughter, Sal. Several objects from our collections were among those on display. You can find out more about M.J. Long via our curators' blog about the archive of the practice she was a partner in, alongside Colin St John Wilson.

Raffaello: Nato Architetto - Palladio Museum, CISAAP, Vicenza, Italy

6 April to 9 July 2023

This exhibition reconsidered the famous painter, Raphael, highlighting his enormous influence as an architect. Nine drawings from our collections were among those exhibited, including a drawing by Raphael himself thought to have been owned by Andrea Palladio and, later, by Inigo Jones.

Beyond William Morris: British Arts & Crafts 1890-1920 - Nanjing Museum

18 May to August 2023

Two drawings by CFA Voysey from our collections were on display in this exhibition introducing the British Arts & Crafts movement: a design for a clock case for his own house, and a design for Sanderson and Sons factory in Chiswick, London.

Norman Foster - Centre de Pompidou, Paris, France

10 May to 7 August 2023

One drawing from our collections featured in this overview of the work of Norman Foster, who has been at the forefront of the 'high tech' movement in architecture.

Architects' Houses - Sir John Soane's Museum, London, UK

7 June to 3 September 2023

Architects' own houses are a source of endless fascination, and Sir John Soane's is perhaps one of the world's most famous. Within this context, this exhibition presented the houses of Charles and Maggie Jencks, Erno Goldfinger, William Morris, Michael and Patty Hopkins and Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till. Exhibited works from the RIBA Collections included designs for the Red House and photographs and sketches of 2 Willow Road.

Fantasy to Fabrication: 19th century Design Exhibition at Mount Stuart - Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland

25 May to 30 October 2022

This exhibition celebrated the imagination, eclecticism, and creative process of acclaimed 19th century designers William Burges, Horatio Walter Lonsdale, Robert Weir Schultz, Sir Robert Lorimer and William Morris. Among spectacular examples of jewellery, furniture, watercolours, books, stained glass, silver and other metalwork was a sketchbook compiled by William Burges from the RIBA Collections.

Raphael - National Gallery, London, UK

8 April to 31 July 2022

One of the real treasures of the RIBA Collections featured in this exhibition: a drawing by the Italian High Renaissance legend Raphael, from c.1510. This drawing of the Pantheon is said to have been bought by the architect Inigo Jones while on his travels in Italy between 1613 and 1614 and has been in our collections since 1894.

The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947–1985, MoMA, New York, USA

20 February to 2 July 2022

In the decades that followed the Partition of 1947, newly independent India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka turned to modern architecture as a means of proclaiming autonomy, articulating national identities, and enacting social progress. Focusing on work conceived and realised by local architects, designers, and planners, this exhibition included eight drawings and an architectural model from our collections by Charles Correa.

La Fabbrica del Rinascimento - Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy

11 December 2021 to 8 May 2022

This exhibition focused on the artists' workshops of 16th century Vicenza, where painters, sculptors and architects plied their craft. Among them was Andrea Palladio, three of whose drawings from the RIBA Collections featured in the exhibition, including elevation drawings for Palazzo Portoa, Vicenza, and Church of the Redentore, Venice.

GOTH: Designing Darkness - Design Museum Den Bosch, Netherlands

16 October 2021 to 18 April 2022

Three drawings from the RIBA Collections featured in this exhibition about "the world's biggest subculture". Among them was an 1845 drawing by Charles Barry for one of the UK's best-known buildings, the Houses of Parliament, as well as two unpublished 1791 illustrations from Horace Walpole's 'The Castle of Otranto'.

Shaping Space: Architectural Models Revealed - The Building Centre, London, UK

24 September 2021 to 28 January 2022

Shaping Space presented the world in miniature; a collection of historical and contemporary models that reveal the evolution of architecture. Among them was a 1961 model for Eveline Lowe Primary School, Southwark, London, from the RIBA Collections.

Hidden Horizontal: Cornices in Art and Architecture - ETH Zürich, Switzerland

25 August to 14 November 2021

This exhibition on the cornice, one of the most ubiquitous but under-discussed architectural features, included a 1796 drawing by Joseph Michael Gandy of an entablature at the Temple of Jupiter Tonans, Rome, from the RIBA Collections.

British Baroque: Power and Illusion - Tate Britain, London, UK

February to April 2020

If you were lucky enough to catch this exhibition before it closed early due to the pandemic, you'll have glimpsed two works from the RIBA Collections among pieces by the leading artists of the day. This Tate Britain show explored the magnificence of art and architecture as an expression of status and influence during the later 17th century. From our collections, a 1600s sketch by James Thornhill for an Italian style staircase decorative scheme is on display alongside arguably the most important surviving 17th century English architectural model for a country house: Nicholas Hawksmoor's Easton Neston in Northamptonshire. 

Art Deco by the Sea - Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, UK

October 2020 to February 2021

Art Deco by the Sea explored how the Art Deco style shaped the modern seaside during the 1920s and 30s. Among the show's 130 exhibits were original photographs from the RIBA Collections by John Maltby, Sydney W. Newbury and Arthur George, showing iconic seafront buildings like Iles Leathart & Granger's 'Dreamland' amusement park in Margate. There was also the chance to see original drawings from the RIBA Collections for Oliver Cox's seafront hotel designs and Dalgleish & Pullen's Marine Court, St Leonards-on-Sea. The show was originally at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, before touring to Newcastle. 

Sir Charles Barry, Designs for the Houses of Parliament, 1845. RIBA Collections
Marine Court, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, Dalgleish & Pullen (drawing by Raymond Myerscough-Walker), 1935. RIBA Collections

Curating an exhibition? Search our online catalogue to find RIBA Collections material for your show, or get in touch for information about loans. 

Study of the Pantheon, Piazza della Rotonda, Rome: detail of the entablature, Raphael, c. 1510. RIBA Collections

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