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Architecture, Design & More summit 2021: A successful round of architectural design discourses that ignited change

Architecture, Design & More (ADM), a virtual global summit, was held on 12 and 13 November 2021.

30 November 2021

Architecture, Design & More (ADM), a virtual global summit organised by AnimationXpress, part of the India Television Group, was held on 12 and 13 November 2021. The summit brought in global leaders and stalwarts who ignited an aspiration for change in how we view the architecture and design industry in the new age. With its open-ended discussions, dialogues and panels, the summit successfully envisioned a new world order.

As part of the Architecture, Design & More (ADM) virtual summit, RIBA President Simon Allford discussed the themes of education and careers with Council of Architecture of India President Ar. Habeeb Khan.

RIBA President Simon Allford was speaking at the summit with Council of Architecture of India President Ar. Habeeb Khan on the theme of Education and Careers, which formed one of four themes discussed over the two days. The other topics covered were, Society, Diversity & Inclusivity and Technology, and Planning the New World with Young Minds.

Allford added: " I know a lot of people who have studied architecture and they have gone on to make movies, run businesses and I think that’s very healthy."

“In India, the role of a regulatory authority, especially in the government organization, is taken as 'you being on the other side of the table'.” added Khan, in a dialogue with Simon Allford.

Newer methods of education in architecture were further discussed by some of the leading educators across the globe in a panel discussion.

Summit chair Anil Wanvari added: “Architects and interior designers are setting the pace for the new world, keeping in mind the new challenges that they will face. Through the ADM Summit 2021, I hope as an organisation, we can encourage new ideas and change. We want to be the catalyst for change in the way designers build our cities, our homes, our offices, and so much more.”

The last special session of the summit was dedicated to students, where they showcased their perspectives on planning the new world order.

Apurva Bose Dutta in her curatorial note said: "A lot of thought went into ensuring we had a diverse and inclusive line-up of speakers in terms of expertise, age, gender, geographical locations, sectors, industries, and organisations."

The summit was co-powered by Autodesk, with AMD and Sketch Up being the Session partners. It was supported by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as Institution partners, and ArchitectureLive! and the World Architecture Community as Media partners.

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