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Settling into life in the UK

Settling into life in the UK

12 July 2017

Settling into life in the UK

By Alan Vallance, RIBA Chief Executive / Jane Duncan, RIBA President

Anyone moving from one country to another is likely to feel at least a little trepidation, no matter how excited they are about the reasons behind it.

If you work in architecture and are moving to the UK to start a new job, the sooner you settle into your new way of life and make yourself at home, the better. Your career is such a big part of your new life that you will get more out of your moving experience if you make new friends and connections, both inside and outside of work.

As an architect, you’re already part of a great global network. With more than 42,000 members and over 400 networking events around the UK every year, RIBA Chartered Membership will help you meet like-minded professionals who share your passion for architecture. No doubt you will enjoy the social element as much as the professional connections you make. Your regional office will be able to signpost you to local events, special interest groups or societies for architects from specific countries.

Our Nice to meet EU event on the 18 July 2017 is just one example of the many networking opportunities we provide our Chartered Members. Join fellow EU architects living and working in the UK for an evening of discovery, learning and networking.

Moving to a new country is a big deal. Here are our top tips to feel at home:

1. Prepare yourself

It’s never too early to start planning. Do your research – the more you can find out now, the quicker and easier it’ll be to become and feel familiar with your new surroundings.

2. Get out and about

Exploring your new region is part and parcel of the excitement, so get out and about and have some fun! Pop into your local Tourist Information Centre, log onto the council website and check out social events on social media. Experience the atmosphere and see the sights.

RIBA holds events throughout the year to link people from all over the world, including international events such as RIBA International Small Talks.

Think about attending an RIBA event or tour? Visit to find out what is happening near you.

4. Join a club

There are lots of groups and societies to join. If you have a special interest or want to take up a new hobby, do it. From photography, art, running or film - even an RIBA Greek Society - there’s sure to be a group for you. Sign up and you’ll be making friends with people who share your interests in no time.

5. Have an amazing experience - and share it

Your regional team can you link you up with others from your country who can help you out.

Find out about RIBA Chartered Membership, its events and your regional office.

To find out more about RIBA short course specifically designed for EU architects preparing or practicing in the UK please visit the London Metropolitan University.

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