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Show them you care with RIBA individual Chartered Membership

Show them you care with RIBA individual Chartered Membership

06 September 2017

By Alan Vallance, RIBA Chief Executive / Jane Duncan, RIBA Immediate Past President

According to research by Gallup, business performance increases by a staggering 240% when both employees and customers are actively engaged.

The statistics show that engaged employees are more productive, contribute to higher profitability and are less likely to be off sick or suffer an accident. They’re also more likely to stick around.

Workplace apathy is worrying for practice directors because as we all know, architecture is a knowledge business and your staff are your best assets and advocates.

If your staff aren’t interested and engaged, their productivity levels will drop and you will run the risk of losing them from your practice. It makes sense to invest some time and resources in keeping your staff happy and motivated.

So how do you keep your staff interested, engaged and encourage them to stay? By showing them you care and investing in their professional development.

With so much of our lives spent at work, and in a field such as architecture, it's essential for both you and your staff that they get passion and enjoyment from their career.

If you keep your architects interested and engaged in their work and invest in their development, it will reap benefits for your business. They will know that you care and recognise the investment you have made. They will be more productive and more likely to stay in practice. It’s all part of the give and take of the employer-employee relationship.

Your practice is your people and RIBA individual Chartered Membership is not just an investment in their future – it’s an investment in yours.

RIBA individual Chartered Membership provides your people with access to unrivalled CPD resources created for architects.

It gives your business the edge by providing your employees with access to the tools to do their job better and faster. RIBA individual Chartered Membership, more than 1,200 free in-house CPD materials and opportunities and low-cost seminars across the UK.

Yours is a knowledge business and RIBA Chartered Membership will help your people get to grips with BIM, digital design, business management, regulations and legal issues. Help them to become more effective by giving them access to a range of tools, such as our latest guidance on CDM 2015 and the Principal Designer role.

Find out about RIBA Chartered Membership.

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