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Celebrating the next generation of black architects: Part 2 Students

We're celebrating the achievements of twelve inspirational Part 2 students as part of our Black History Month campaign.

01 October 2018

To mark Black History Month 2018, we're celebrating the black architects of tomorrow. In order to do so, we asked ED&I groups including; Architects for Change, the RIBA Women in Architects Group, Built by Us, RIBA Board & Council, RIBA Role Models and RIBA Practice Role Models to nominate a newly-qualified black architect or architecture student from either a Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 course who has had an inspirational journey into architecture.

Meet the eleven Part 2 students who have been nominated as inspirational young black architects and discover their story in their own words.

From left to right, top to bottom: Giles Nartey, Elizabeth Mitchel-Yankah, Sammy-Jo Hagan, Paul Daramola, Rosaleen Commettant, Stephanie Ete, Ope Adeyileka, George Aboagye Williams, Audu Akange, Jonah Luswata and Niza Nyimbili.

Giles Nartey: "One word to sum up my experience would be varied"

Elizabeth Mitchell-Yankah: "I constantly strive to produce work that serves the community in more than a functional way"

Sammy-Jo Hagan: "Being raised in a nondescript, standardised housing association home, I came to understand the impact that the built environment has on people"

Paul Daramola: "The prospect of training as an architect in Nigeria was relatively non-existent for me because my family wasn't elite enough. However, since my move to the UK I have worked hard at realising my dream"

Rosaleen Commettant:" I have always had a passion for the skills involved in architecture, and the social inclusion that architecture can create in built form"

Stephanie Ete: "I hope that I can help other young black architects in-the-making to know that their journey into the profession can be whatever they wish it to be"

Ope Adeyileka: "I work to attain a standard of excellence in the broad mix of skills and responsibilities expected from an Aspiring Architect"

George Aboagye Williams:"Architecture holds the innate capability of being able to define identity"
Audu Akange: "I'm interested in the design process and how architecture as a language is represented and ultimately conceived"

Jonah Luswata: " I am motivated to offer my voice, historically and contextually subaltern in this field, and contribute to a more vibrant, diverse and inclusive architectural discourse."

Niza Nyimbili: "I have experienced the contrast between developed and under-developed environments, which sparked a passion in me to use architecture to bridge this gap"

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