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Celebrating the next generation of black architects: Part 3 Students

We're celebrating the achievements of eleven inspirational Part 3 students as part of our Black History Month campaign.

01 October 2018

To mark Black History Month 2018, we're celebrating the black architects of tomorrow. In order to do so, we asked ED&I groups including; Architects for Change, the RIBA Women in Architects Group, Built by Us, RIBA Board & Council, RIBA Role Models and RIBA Practice Role Models to nominate a newly-qualified black architect or architecture student from either a Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 course who has had an inspirational journey into architecture.

Meet the twelve Part 3 students who have been nominated as inspirational young black architects and discover their story in their own words.

For left to right, top to bottom: Seun Keshiro, Akin Lisk-Carew, Natalie Azodo, Prince Ajene, Antonia Blege, Selasi Sefute, Tania Pascoal, Tayseer Kardash, Zean Mair-Macfarlane, Nile Bridgeman, Carl Fraser and Thomas Aquilina

Seun Keshiro: " I believe representation is important, regardless of what colour you are it's a good thing to be reminded that people that look like you are doing what you aspire to do"

Akin Lisk-Carew: "I strive to get the younger generation excited about Architecture wherever I can"

Natalie Azodo: "Within my masters, I made it a mission to break down barriers between students and tutors"

Prince Ajene: "Prince Ajene is an emerging design practitioner and professional at the penultimate stage of his architectural training"

Antonia Blege: "I am very passionate about the development, growth and future of black architects"

Selasi Sefute: "Through my involvement with organisations such as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Paradigm, Black Females in Architecture as well as my trusteeship with the RIBA as Co-Vice President for Students & Associates, I hope to help shape the future of our profession in a positive, progressive and inclusive way"

Tania Pascoal: "No matter how you feel, get up dress up, show up and never give up"

Tayseer Kardash: " I love how buildings tell a story and impact our daily lives culturally, psychologically, and of course practically"

Zean Mair-Macfarlane: "I have been using social media as a marketing tool to help expand the reach of my architectural ideas"

Nile Bridgeman: "I’m fascinated by architecture and sociology and the role they play in shaping each other"

Carl Fraser: "Through the use of both free-hand and digital drawing methods, my work makes tangible the link between research information, direct-action and design proposals"

Thomas Aquilina: "I think of architecture as an intersection"

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