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Future Place Gateshead

13 March 2019


Gateshead Council

Gateshead Council has huge ambitions to accelerate the transformation of their town, which is home to approximately 200,000 people. The Council is committed to creating a lively, connected town centre that promotes health, wellbeing, social interaction, and a better quality of life. ‘Fit for a City’, the regeneration strategy adopted by the Council in 2008, now requires reinvigoration, and the ‘Core Strategy and Urban Core Area Action Plan’ (adopted jointly in 2015 with Newcastle City Council and setting the planning framework for the town centre) is ready to be advanced. Plans for the next decade include a new £250m arena and conference venue, 1,000 new homes with a new ‘exemplar’ neighbourhood, and a high street revamp. A new public transport interchange and rail station have also been identified as priority projects. The Council aims to establish a ‘Future Gateshead Leadership Board’ comprised of local stakeholders, and the Future Place Programme will help to support Gateshead’s collaborative approach. This will play a central role in reinvigorating the town and creating a well-connected destination where people want to live and work.

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