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Industrialised: RIBA Student Show 2019

The RIBA is pleased to announce 'Industrialised', the 2019 celebration of student work from schools of architecture across the UK. The display will focus on the theme of industrialisation and its impacts, in response to the centennial of the Bauhaus school. The exhibition will be on display between 24 September and 29 November 2019. Find out more below, or go to the application form. Applications close on Friday 6 September 2019.

Steph Elward, Kent School of Architecture / 2018 Fresh Perspectives

Following the success of last year's 'Fresh Perspectives' pilot project, 'Industrialised' will display emerging work from recent graduates and current students of architecture across the UK.

The curated display will mirror the forthcoming exhibition in the RIBA Architecture Gallery, Beyond Bauhaus: Modernism in Britain, 1933 to 1966. This exhibition will trace the legacy of three influential Bauhaus émigrés: Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and László Moholy-Nagy.

For 'Industrialised', we're inviting submissions of student work from all UK schools of architecture consideration to be included in the display.

Thematic brief

The Bauhaus school – the white-hot factory furnace of twentieth century design – relied heavily on the emancipatory potentials of industrialisation, promising high-level design objects for the everyday citizen.

Now more than ever, we are aware of the transformative capacity of industrialised production – for architecture, society, and the environment – as well as the effects of industry on the broader concerns of architectural practice, thinking and representation.

On the occasion of the Bauhaus school’s centennial year, this display of student work demonstrates a continuity of practice and thinking in future generations of practitioners, as regards the contested future of industry and industrial production – tempered by skill and craftsmanship – within the wider built, natural and cultural environment.

This exhibition invites submissions of student work from UK schools of architecture in the form of drawings, visualisations, model photography, and short animations which consider and comment on the exuberant or ominous potentials of contemporary industry and industrial legacy.

Nomination and submission guidelines

  • This year’s display will rely only on digital reproductions of drawings, models and visual work on the theme of industrialisation, industry or industrial legacy
  • Students may self-submit via the application form; each applicant must have the nomination or support and agreement of a tutor at their relevant academic institution
  • Please supply up to three images in a high-resolution digital format (TIFF or hi-res JPG for image: AVI, MOV or MPEG for video), before 5pm on Friday 6 September 2019, together with student name, status, tutor and school name and suggestions for printing, mounting, etc. as necessary, to be applied at the curators’ discretion
  • Please note: all works will be displayed as digital reproductions, either as prints or as digital projections. Original works may be produced in any media - diversity in methods and approaches are welcomed
  • Digital animations and short films (max. duration 5 mins, preferably 1 to 3 mins) will be accepted and shown on a collated showreel
  • Please note this display is limited to work from UK schools of architecture only. The RIBA is proud to host other opportunities for international student work, such as the President's Medals
  • Please note the RIBA curatorial team will reserve all rights regarding selection, curation, printing, format, and design of the final display.

How to submit work

To be considered for inclusion or to nominate a piece of student work, please complete an application form for each student before 5pm on Friday 6 September 2019.

To complete the form, you will need:

  • Student name and contact details
  • Nominating tutor name and contact details
  • School name
  • Project name
  • Up to 3 files maximum, no larger than 20MB (combined size)
    • Hi-res image (TIFF/JPG) or moving image (AVI, MPEG or MOV) to be uploaded to Dropbox (link on form)

Students may self-submit via the application form; each applicant must have the nomination or support and agreement of a tutor at their relevant academic institution.

Please contact Shumi Bose or Shega Emini at with all further enquiries.

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