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Introducing Future Architects

03 December 2019

Hello from your joint council Vice Presidents, Maryam Al-Irhayim, Lewis North and student council member Victoria Adegoke! We are excited to announce the launch of RIBA Future Architects. 

Here we are in a group photo with RIBA President Alan Jones

RIBA Future Architects is all about creating a network and community for future and emerging architects. The initiative has been established in recognition that students and early career professionals have an important voice and critical role to play in the future of architecture.

We are encouraging you to engage in the programme, with many exciting opportunities for you over the course of the next few months. We want your feedback too, so tell us what content and events are useful to you and what improvements can be made along the way.

This network is designed to provide support throughout the transition from study into professional practice and there is a range of inspiring content, industry knowledge and skills support, from practices, professionals, and others taking the first steps in their architecture career.

We also want to mention and thank previous council representatives, Abigail Patel, Selasi Setufe and Simeon Shtebunaev and the project team. We have all been working closely to champion and support the development of this programme. It is fantastic to see it brought to life!

We hope Future Architects is a space for you to lead the debate, start dialogues and provoke new discourse about architecture and the built environment. The future of architecture is in your hands.

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