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Print of the Shah Mosque Isfahan 1867

A place of worship for 400 years and a magnificent example of Persian architecture

12 March 2015

A close look at this print from Coste’s enormous book, 'Monuments modernes de la Perse', reveals the vivid colours and details of the Shah Mosque. The mosque forms part of a series of buildings in the centre of Isfahan, which together represent some of the finest examples of Persian architecture. Like an ornamental carpet, the blue tiles covering the exterior surfaces feature an abundant range of floral and geometric patterns.

In total, this book has 71 prints of buildings from across Iran, investigated through plans, elevations, sections and topographical views. Handwritten in our copy is a note saying it was presented by the author.

Image: Print of the Shah Mosque/Masjid-i Saha (now Imam Mosque/Masjid-i-Imam), Isfahan, Iran, from 1867; image from RIBApix (number RIBA16035)
Artist: Pascal-Xavier Coste
Credit: RIBA Collections

Article by Wilson Yau, RIBA
12 March 2015

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  1. Book
    Coste, P., 1867.
    'Monuments modernes de la Perse'
    Paris: Morel
    Shelved at 72.033.3(55) // COS [Large SR]
  2. Book
    Babaie, S., 2008.
    'Isfahan and its palaces: statecraft, Shi'ism and the architecture of conviviality in early modern Iran'
    Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press
    Shelved at 72.03(55I) // BAB [Reference]
  3. Book
    Arab, G., 2000.
    Tehran: Yassavoli
    Shelved at 72.03(55I) // ARA [Reference]

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