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RIBA Board to appoint new committees

An update on the four new Board Committees and how you can apply to join them.

15 September 2021

Deadline: Friday 29 October 2021.

Apply now via our recruitment site.

Following a new constitution that came into effect in March 2020, a new RIBA Board has been created. It is responsible for the management of the RIBA’s business and board members are the trustees of the RIBA as a charity.

As trustees, the board oversees the RIBA’s standing committees, with the exception of the Standards Committee, which reports to the Council. The four standing committees are: Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations Committee, Remuneration Committee and Standards Committee.

Now that these standing committees have been up and running for a reasonable period of time, the RIBA Board is creating four additional Board Committees to support its work:

  • Cultural Knowledge & Outreach
  • Education and Learning
  • Membership
  • Practice and Policy

The RIBA is now actively recruiting to these committees and eligible individuals are encouraged to apply.

Each new Board Committee has a number of roles that are open to RIBA Members (or individuals eligible to become RIBA Members) and a number of roles that are open to professionals with expertise in fields other than architecture. There are also opportunities for trustees and council members to apply to sit on each of these committees.

If you are not a RIBA Member but you are a professional in or associated with the built environment who would be eligible to become an Affiliate Member, please do consider applying. We introduce successful candidates in this category to a Chartered Member sponsor, to help with the joining process.

We are also looking for individuals with expertise in fields other than architecture, so if you are interested in being part of the RIBA, but are not eligible to be a member, please still take a look at the vacancies on offer.

We wish to identify candidates who will bring diversity of thought, background and lived experience to these roles, to support the board in effecting culture change.


Cultural Knowledge and Outreach Committee

  • 2 Trustees
  • 2 Council Members (not Trustees)
  • 3 individuals who are eligible to be RIBA Members (including one student and one overseas member)
  • 4 non-architect, subject-matter experts in arts/culture (including digital outreach), audience/public engagement and social impact/public benefit

Education and Learning Committee

  • 2 Trustees
  • 2 Council Members (not Trustees)
  • 4 individuals who are eligible to be RIBA Members (representing the full range of RIBA membership categories: Student, Associate, Affiliate, Chartered Member, Chartered Practice and Fellow)
  • 3 academic representatives of RIBA validated schools of architecture (both UK and international)
  • 1 representative of primary or secondary education (non-architect)

Membership Committee

  • 2 Trustees
  • 2 Council Members (not-Trustees)
  • 8 individuals who are eligible to be RIBA Members (UK or international) from a range of practice sizes, including students

Practice and Policy Committee

  • 2 Trustees
  • 2 Council Members (not Trustees)
  • 4 individuals who are eligible to be RIBA Members (representing a variety of practice-types)
  • 2 non-architect, subject-matter experts in advocacy, public relations, lobbying government or measuring impact of campaigns
  • 2 non-architect, client “representatives” (one private and one public) that have interaction with architect practices and commission work on a regular basis

Why should you apply?

To support the profession

By sitting on one of these new committees, you will support the RIBA as a charity and professional membership organisation. You will be supporting the board to ensure high standards, both internally and amongst the membership, develop policy and strategy based on member insight and expertise and amplify the voice of members to encourage systemic change.

To invest in your own personal development

By joining a new RIBA Board Committee, you will meet new people, learn new skills and gain knowledge, listen to and learn from others’ perspectives and play a crucial part in shaping the organisation.

To advance architecture and its positive impact on society

By becoming a part of the RIBA governance structure, you will be helping the RIBA to achieve its goals and to deliver on its charitable purpose: “the advancement of architecture and the promotion of the acquirement of the knowledge of the arts and sciences connected therewith” – ensuring architects deliver for people and planet.

Find out more about each of the roles and apply through our recruitment site.

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