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RIBA Honorary Fellow LionHeart creates new film on race and architecture

Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Marsha Ramroop introduces film on race and architecture by RIBA Honorary Fellow Rhael 'LionHeart' Cape

07 October 2021

“The issue with this profession

is less about architecture

And more

about partial observation” – LionHeart

About Partial Observation, written by Rhael 'LionHeart' Cape, directed by Gabriella Kingsley and produced by Yellowfish Group

As we enter Black History Month this October, it’s more than a year on from the murder of George Floyd and the global outpouring that followed.

In the time that’s passed, organisations across the world, including RIBA have gained a new perspective on what has been a clear shift in openness around conversations about race and racial inequality.

As we work with the profession and wider society to continue to engage in these conversations – through listening, learning, acknowledging and reflecting, we find ourselves as LionHeart states, on a journey to “seek, see and solve what doesn’t present itself easily.”

This powerful film by RIBA Honorary Fellow Rhael 'LionHeart' Cape is a reminder that the size of the task at hand requires a deep look at the personal responsibility we must all assume in order to embark on and persist with this journey - that we might reach that pinnacle of racial justice, and bring about a more equitable society.

As for where RIBA is at on our journey? Stay tuned for a detailed update from me later this month.


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