RIBA London - Social Value & Architecture Series

Following the events earlier this year, we're now delighted to present the videos from our Social Value & Architecture series. If you missed the chance to attend these events, now is your time to catch up. Join the conversation and let's celebrate this year's London Festival of Architecture theme, Care.

01 June 2021

Delivered by the East London Architects Group, in partnership with RIBA London, we highlight the work of a diverse panel of speakers both local and international with different professional backgrounds. We explored the importance of social value and its potential for demonstrating the positive impact design offers people and communities in terms of social justice, sustainability and wellbeing, and touched on themes such as homelessness, new ways of living, inclusive design, reclaiming our spaces and reclaiming our buildings.


In the first event of the series, we discuss homelessness, the impact it has on communities and what we can do to help tackle this issue.

Hear from our panellists:

  • Sheila Scott - Shelter From The Storm
  • Juha Kaakinen - The Y - Foundation, Finland
  • Heather Macey - Architects Aware!
  • Shane O'Neill - SocialCapitalPartners
  • Meg Doherty - Fat Macy's



New Ways of Living

This event focuses on innovative housing models across Europe. These virtual times bring the opportunity to connect with our European colleagues and share novel approaches to building communities.

Hear from our panellists:

  • Rickard Stark - Okidoki Architects
  • Ute Schneider - KCAP Architects, Rotterdam
  • David Birkbeck - Design for Homes
  • Jonathan Wilson - CITU
  • Jas Bhalla - Jas Bhalla Architects



Inclusive Design

During our third event of the series, we will discuss the transformative impact of inclusive design to enhance ageing, foster intergenerational communities, broaden cultural diversity and support accessibility.

Hear from our panellists:

  • Stephen Burke – United for All Ages
  • Kathrine Hegner Stærmose – AART
  • Colum Lowe – Design Age Institute RCA
  • ST Luk - Reversible Destiny Foundation
  • Georgina Lee - The Commonland
  • Bushra Mohamed & Nana Biamah-Ofosu - Studio Nyali



Reclaiming our Spaces

Reclaiming our spaces critically examines the changes that are essential to create contextual spaces and places that enhance and drive social value. As Architects and urban designers, we need to crucially rethink what happens between the places and spaces we create.

In this event, through a contextual lens, we examine the social impact of our environment and the responsibilities of those who design our cities and urban environment.

  • How can we create contextual spaces so that the experience within and between our environment can enhance social value?
  • What if the forgotten, missing spaces are revealed, reclaimed, and carefully designed by all who move through and experience them?
  • What happens if we change who narrates and designs our environment?

Hear from our panellists:

  • Stephanie Edwards – Urban Symbiotics
  • Leslie Kern – Author of Feminist City
  • Carlene Firmin – Contextual Safeguarding
  • Julie Oti - Ash Sakula Architects
  • Neil Onions – Beyond The box Consultants
  • Shawn Adams - POoR Collective



Reclaiming our Buildings

Reclaiming our buildings explores innovative ways in which our community can sustainably re-use, redesign our existing buildings.

  • What happens if the community is not displaced in the process of gentrification, but instead are firmly placed within its re-built form and use?
  • How can we re-use existing buildings and spaces to build and strengthen our community?
  • How can we sustainably use spaces and buildings to create a sense of community place?

Hear from our panellists:

  • Tim Gledstone – Squire & Partners
  • Eleanor Hedley - Feilden Fowles
  • Johannah Fening – Reclaim Brixton thesis project
  • AJ Haastrup and Iris Schönherr - Every One Every Day



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