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RIBA South Student Prizes

Every year, RIBA Oxfordshire and RIBA Hampshire fund Student Prizes at Oxford Brookes and at Portsmouth Schools of Architecture. The Prizes are funded by the Branches, using members’ payments to attend activities such as building visits and the RIBA Hampshire Lectures.

05 August 2019

In 2019, the Berkshire Society of Architects launched awards at Reading School of Architecture to coincide with the first cohort of students graduating at degree level; and with the school obtaining RIBA Validation. The Conrad Birdwood Willcocks awards are named for an active and community minded local architect who practised during much of the 20th century.

Congratulations to this year’s Student Prize winners.

School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University


  • Mark Shipton, Oxford Architects (Chair, RIBA South; Chair, RIBA Oxfordshire Branch)
  • Daniel Wadsworth, Jessop and Cook Architects

Oliver Rash - RIBA Oxfordshire Prize - for the first-year Part 1 student demonstrating overall excellence

Oliver visualised an Interpretation Centre for the pioneering early 20th century colour photographer, Etheldreda Laing, who lived in Headington. His design originated from that of an old camera.

Samuel Beasley - Leslie Jones Memorial Prize - for the third-year Part 1 student demonstrating the most progress in built construction

The judges were impressed with Samuel’s proposed new public broadcasting centre in Salo, the city on the shore of Lake Garda. He compared the functions of three of the components of a radio – the antenna, speaker and ceramic capacitor – with the buildings’ possible functions in society.

Dzaleha Khairi - RIBA South Prize - for Diploma students

Dzaleha’s idea was for The Momentarily App, which would enable people – particularly globetrotting travellers – to share and own items for a specific amount of time. The Momentarily Hive would be a fulfilment centre in central London to sort and process customers’ requests. "To shift to the circular economy, people must change their habits. So The Momentarily Hive would be an icon to inspire that habit change."

Dzaleha Khairi - RIBA South Prize - for Diploma students

Portsmouth School of Architecture


  • Jeremy Tyrrell, T2 Architects (Chair, RIBA Hampshire Branch)
  • Adam Knibb, Adam Knibb Architects (Vice Chair, RIBA Hampshire Branch)

Teodor Nedyalkov - RIBA Hampshire Degree Prize for overall achievement and excellence

Teodor proposed a plan for the development of the Fratton district of Portsmouth. A hybrid building with seven towers would contain everything that people could need, so that they would live, work, and relax within the same area. Spare electric cars would be charged from photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the towers.

The judges felt that Teodor’s scheme was "thoroughly researched, supported by high-quality models and with a cohesive and well-presented portfolio."

Isabelle Davies - RIBA Hampshire Degree Prize for the best integrated construction and design work

Isabelle’s project was a radical scheme for a co-housing project for vulnerable people in Basingstoke. The centre would integrate residential and communal areas with an aquaponic system to enable residents to grow their own food. As Isabelle said "Horticultural therapy benefits not only the ecosystem of the scheme, but improves the health and wellbeing of the community."

The judges described her work as "a very complete building which demonstrates excellent understanding of construction, structure, and environmental design."

Adrian Papworth  - RIBA South Diploma Prize for the highest standard of all-round excellence

Adrian’s project responded to the report of the International Panel for Climate Change, which called for prompt action to tackle urgent challenges. Adrian says: "It is clear that we have all of the technological and scientific knowledge needed to solve climate change. The real issue is ourselves, our culture, and the societal norms that we have all grown up with."

The Botanical Cathedral is designed to speak to both our emotional selves and to our logical thoughts, to symbolise the aspiration towards a monumental cultural shift.

The judges described Adrian’s work as "highly accomplished and exciting."

Muhammad Naim Ahmad Mukif - RIBA South Diploma Prize for highest standard of detail in design

"Architecture should be the catalyst for balance between technology and nature, as both are crucial in today’s world" was the basis of Muhammad’s prizewinning project. Bee City aims to create an ideal space for humans and nature to live and thrive together.

The judges said that Bee City was "a fascinating proposition… a very cohesive and comprehensive piece of work, rigorously developed from a strong concept through to a high level of detail."

Muhammad Naim Ahmad Mukif - RIBA South Diploma Prize for highest standard of detail in design

Reading School of Architecture


  • Jennifer Forakis, Chair, Berkshire Society of Architects, RIBA Trustee and Council member
  • Peter Tompkins, Past Chair, Berkshire Society of Architects
  • Kate Cooper, Secretary, Berkshire Society of Architects
  • Alan Beardmore, architect
  • Katie Baulch, recent graduate and Architectural Assistant

Rosie Clark  - Conrad Birdwood Willcocks Award for Measured Drawing

‘Healing through Hydro-Therapy’ is an imagined healing space in De Bohun Island, Reading, for people to recover from muscle injuries and for treatment for muscular diseases.

The judges felt that Rosie’s drawings showed sophistication and accomplishment. "Overall the drawings have clarity, finesse, and show a successful manipulation of texture and layers of colour."

Jacob Hill  - Conrad Birdwood Willcocks Award for Technical Excellence

The Cable Street Abode in East London is envisaged as affordable housing which provides residents with a great sense of community. The judges said: "The thorough process of site analysis and the visual imagery illustrate a considered approach to larger scale local context, masterplan, and the smaller scale ‘moments’ in the proposed buildings."

Daniel Hellyer  - Conrad Birdwood Willcocks Award for Technical Excellence

Daniel’s project was the visualisation of a scheme on Greenham Common in Berkshire. Responding to the history of the site, the scheme has a nuclear focus, with laboratories testing for radioactivity and for the mutation of the DNA in trees through radiation. There was also a seed bank and a fire watch tower reflecting the shape of a nuclear cooling tower.

The judges felt that Daniel had responded to a potentially complex brief with exceptional clarity. "It is a pleasure to review this well-rounded and developed scheme."

Rosie Clark - Conrad Birdwood Willcocks Award for Measured Drawing

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