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RIBA Student and Associate Member Reps on National Council

We are here for you. Hello from your joint council Vice Presidents, Maryam Al-Irhayim, Lewis North and student council member Victoria Adegoke.

08 April 2020

It is jointly our role to represent student and associate RIBA members on National Council. The role allows us to petition on your behalf, feed back to the RIBA and raise issues that are important to you and the future of our profession.

During this difficult time, we have been working with the RIBA to gather insights and feedback from student and associate members to find out what their needs are in this current context. We now want to reach out to all students and emerging professionals and encourage you to get in touch with us and tell us about what is important to you at this moment.

Maryam Al-Irhayim, Student Member Rep

We also want to remind you that, as a RIBA member, you are part of a community and you are not alone. We want you to stay positive and focused on your studies and your work. And where this is not possible, think about how you can harness your skills and knowledge to adapt to a new situation.

There is some specific support that we would like to share with you:

The Covid-19 hub provides guidance and resources for architects and students during this challenging time.

The Architects Benevolent Society is dedicated to providing practical support for students experiencing anxiety and stress.

RIBA Future Architects is a space for all student and associate resources, and we are working closely with the RIBA to develop new resources relevant to your needs now.

RIBA offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to support you financially through your education.

Lewis North, Associate Member Rep

Finally, we understand for students and junior staff in practice you may be feeling vulnerable, it is an unprecedented time. We urge you to stay in touch and maintain contact with your university, college or employer. Check in on friends, family, and find moments of rest.

To get in touch with us, raise issues or provide insight and feedback please email 

Victoria Adegoke, Student Member Rep

RIBA Future Architects is our network and community for future and emerging architects, designed to support, inspire and provide a voice as you transition from study to practice. View our resources and share RIBA membership with others.

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