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RSAW Revealing Wales

Revealing Wales, an exciting new initiative by RSAW, celebrates the nation’s great buildings and structures.

20 January 2022

The Royal Society of Architects in Wales is excited to announce the launch of their second series of short films celebrating the built environment of Wales, this time with particular emphasis on community, diversity and sustainability.

Image © Lyndon Jones and Bella Kerr

RSAW Revealing Wales series 1

This first series of films features:

  • architect Richard Parnaby discussing the breakthrough achievement of the Severn Bridge
  • Menna Richards, ex-Controller of BBC Wales, on the confluence of architectural and political ambition that created the Senedd
  • architect Michael Davies analysing the history of Tredegar House
  • architect Elinor Gray-Williams on the village of Trawsfynydd, where Yr Ysgwrn (birthplace of Welsh poet Hedd Wyn) sits across a valley from Sir Basil Spence’s massive brutalist nuclear power station
  • Gillian Clarke, ex-National Poet of Wales, celebrating Cardiff’s Civic Centre

Image © Lyndon Jones and Bella Kerr

Series 1 and 2:

  • highlight RSAW’s ambition to promote public appreciation of Welsh architecture from the historical to the contemporary
  • complement efforts by bodies such as Visit Wales to promote the country and its built environment
  • celebrate contemporary Wales and its commitment to sustainability and the well-being of future generations
  • provide a valuable universally-accessible educational resource

Image © Richard Parnaby

As a ground-breaking initiative from RSAW, these films, Revealing Wales: series 1 and 2, aim to capture the imagination of anyone interested in the history and diversity of Welsh architecture and how it defines, enriches and reflects the lives of people in Wales.

RSAW Revealing Wales series 2

The second series includes four films, featuring:

  • Bami Adenipekun, author, life coach and Maggie’s ambassador, introduces the two Maggie’s cancer care centres in Wales, designed by Kisho Kurokawa and Dow Jones Architects through the lens of her own experiences
  • Sophie Zara James, CAT alumnus and sustainable (architectural assistant), designer and builder, is the guide to the inspirational buildings and innovative educational programme located within CAT’s seven-acre site in north Wales
  • Ruba Sivagnanam, a Councillor in the Vale of Glamorgan and Senior Caseworker for Stephen Doughty MP, provides a unique insight into the history and design of Grangetown’s Grange Pavilion, designed by Benham Architects in collaboration with IBI Group
  • Steph Mastoris, Director of the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, introduces the work of the museum and explains how architect Chris Wilkinson’s design combines old and new structures to connect the city to the sea.

Image © Lyndon Jones and Bella Kerr

The intention of this second series is to introduce new voices and promote greater awareness and understanding of buildings that enable and support learning, wellbeing, community and sustainability in Wales.

Image © Lyndon Jones and Bella Kerr

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