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The Compact

02 December 2019

The Compact brings together students, practices, schools of architecture and the RIBA to enhance student experience in the workplace. Piloting between now and June, it draws together obligations which all parties must meet, committing to a level of mutual responsibility in improving practical experience outcomes.  

Who can join the pilot of the Compact?

We're looking for architecture students/graduates and their practices and schools of architecture to test out and work towards meeting the Compact obligations while we provide guidance and conversation during the pilot. Any practice or firm employing architecture students or graduates can take part, from any location. Get in touch via our contact details below.

Why should I take part?

Do you care about ethics and wellbeing in the workplace, and understand that moving from an academic environment into the workplace can be difficult? Are you interested in supporting the next generation of architects? Join the pilot of the Compact to help us achieve better outcomes for architecture students. Get to have your say in testing the Compact obligations, and tell us what works or what could be added or changed.

What's actually involved? 

Those taking part in the Compact will need to test out the obligations which take the form of an ethical framework. Each stakeholder group - whether that's the RIBA, students, practices or schools of architecture - has distinct, but linked, responsibilities. For the pilot to be a success, each participant will need to work together with the other relevant parties. For example, if you're a student or graduate wanting to take part, then chat to your employment mentor and your Professional Studies Advisor (PSA). If you're an employer, see if any of your staff would like to join in. While it's likely that the main benefits may be for Part 1 graduates taking their first steps in practice, those working towards Part 3/supporting graduates at this stage can also join in. 

We'll be in regular contact with you, checking on progress and answering any queries - whilst working to meet our obligations too.

Future steps?

The requirements of the Compact are likely to become a mandatory component of the Chartered Practice requirements from 2021, and form part of the RIBA school of architecture validation procedures from the 2020/21 academic year. Each set of obligations will be evaluated following feedback after the pilot, which will run from January to June 2020.

Remind me: why did the RIBA develop the Compact?

The RIBA Education Review identified various challenges for students relating to the transition from academia to the workplace environment. More recent research such as the 2019 Architects' Journal student survey identified prominent issues for the next generation of architects as career development, wellbeing in the workplace and fair access to opportunities.

I'm in! Where do I sign up or find out more?

Please contact the RIBA Education team at to express an interest in taking part in the Compact pilot. You can also download dedicated invites below:

Download the RIBA Compact PDF for more information.

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