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Why London Needs The Architects Underground

Why London needs The Architects Underground

25 July 2019

By Pati de Souza

One year and a month ago I graduated from architecture school. When I joined the network rat-race and slingshotted my curriculum vitae around, I began to figure out what in the world I was doing. Luckily, London seems to have a knack for forming and gathering us ‘creative people’.

At 66 Portland Place in London you’ll find The Architects Underground: a time and place that welcomes puppy creatives (me), champions of intuition and tenacity (guest speakers), and everyone in between, get to enjoy sharing experiences and making sense of it all. While RIBA is known for its distinctive force within architecture, The Architects Underground is completely unique to what has ever gone on in that building, and in my opinion, pretty cool. If the metropolitan institution is the voice of reason, then The Architects Underground is the jester that brought a sparkly, shapeshifting, trojan horse to the feast.

It is a sort of live magazine event series that builds on design’s history of lateral thinking, diagonal social happenings, and radical cross-disciplinary soups. The brains behind The Architects Underground are bringing incredible voices from design, to music, art, TV, and museums, who ultimately transformed the way we view ourselves and the world.

And what better way to celebrate your gaping creative career, in steely, cut-throat London, than with those who have said and done without fearing the past, nor the future? If you're anything like me, then meeting those who succeed with the passion and courage to be imperfect, in the underground of a major establishment with a finger sandwich in hand, sounds like a dream.

For now, I am preparing by hanging out at doorways, taking coincidences seriously, and weaving them into the design of things. Sometimes, that’s the only way to begin.

*whispers* “The only way…”

Find out more about The Architects Underground.

Pati de Souza

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