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Delivering Construction 2025: RIBA Action Plan

Read the RIBA's response to the UK Government's Industrial Strategy for Construction and learn how we will support our members to deliver Government's targets.

UK Government recognises the role of the UK’s world-class expertise in architecture and engineering in supporting growth and sustainable construction, but the importance of design quality is under-represented in Construction 2025.

Good design enhances quality of life and wellbeing, and improves project outcomes for all who use a building or experience a place. Design quality and innovation also reduce carbon and cost over a building’s lifetime, and can speed up delivery. Prioritising good design and evaluating project performance is crucial to achieving the Construction 2025 targets.

The RIBA has identified key areas where it can support UK Government and the Construction Industry in improving quality, efficiency and whole-life value in the built environment.

To meet the Construction 2025 targets the industry needs Good Design:

  • An evidence-based approach to delivering construction projects
  • The right project team
  • Innovation in the construction procurement process
  • An integrated approach to design for manufacture and assembly

To deliver better project outcomes the RIBA will:

  • Develop better briefing and design quality evaluation techniques
  • Support client leadership and collaboration
  • Review and assist with new procurement methods
  • Support construction innovation in off-site manufacture

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