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Design Matters: RIBA Client Advisers

Design Matters: RIBA Client Advisers presents a wide variety of case studies which highlight the range of skills which have been deployed by Client Advisers over the past few years in order to be effective strategic contributors across a wide range of building sectors.

While calling for good design is easy enough, describing what this looks like and how it’s achieved is more complex. We do know that the better prepared you are, the better your chances of success.

Crucial decisions that affect good design are often made at the outset of any project or programme, prior to business planning and budget setting. By providing holistic and independent advice at the earliest stages of the process, expert RIBA Client Advisers can help ensure the long-term success of a project by providing invaluable support and advice. From developing strategic briefs and examining project viability to selecting design teams and enabling good decision-making, RIBA Client Advisers contribute to the improvement of quality and resilience in the built environment and the delivery of successful projects throughout the UK.

This document follows our recently published report Design Matters: RIBA Client Advisers and presents a wide variety of case studies where RIBA Client Advisers have worked closely with their client and design teams to deliver great projects across a wide variety of sectors that include schools, care centres, tube stations and airports.

We hope that this collection can inspire discussions across the UK about how RIBA Client Advisers can help improve the quality of programmes, projects and processes whilst working closely and collaboratively with client and design teams.

The Pavillion, a sports pavilion used by six local youth teams in East Hampshire ©Peter Landdown Photography

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