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Mandatory Competences

Health and Life Safety, Climate Literacy and Ethical Practice mandatory competences are proposed to ensure RIBA Chartered Members are competent to practice and to provide public assurance.

As part of the Way Ahead: The RIBA Education and Professional Development Framework, approved by RIBA Council, the RIBA has determined that the core competency for architects must encompass a fundamental level of awareness and understanding of priority subjects for them to be competent to practice and to provide public assurance.

The first three proposed Mandatory Competences are:

A fourth Mandatory Competence, Research Literacy, may follow.

The proposed subject matter to be covered by each Mandatory Competence is set out in a knowledge schedule. These can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

The knowledge schedules are intended to form the basis for assessments in each Mandatory Competence. UK Chartered Members will have to undertake and pass this assessment to renew their chartered membership. Potential members will be expected to take the assessment to join the RIBA. The assessments are expected to become mandatory during 2023 for Health and Life Safety.

To ensure UK Chartered Members can provide up-to-date evidence of their competence, it is proposed that they will be reassessed every five years. The knowledge schedules and assessment processes will evolve to meet the needs of the profession and members.

The proposed timetable for the introduction of the Mandatory Competences is:

Health and Life Safety

UK Chartered Members will need to demonstrate an understanding of seven core areas, such as personal safety, design risk management and fire safety.

The RIBA has launched a voluntary Health and Life Safety test that members can undertake now to demonstrate their competence in this subject area. Learn more about the test and this competency here.

Climate Literacy

UK Chartered Members will need to demonstrate their ability to design buildings that deliver sustainable outcomes and meet the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

Ethical Practice

UK Chartered Members will need to demonstrate understanding of the RIBA Codes of Conduct and Practice; their duties to themselves, to the profession, to those commissioning services, to those in the workplace, to society and the end user, and to the wider world.

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